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Derby County 3 - 3 Sheffield Wednesday

Pride (?) Park

Saturday 5 May 2021
(7.30am in the morning for Dixie and Ken)

Bring it on, better to know the outcome than all the hope, the chances we have had.....the chances.....too many to numerate and only to dash them back and smash the into the faces of The Faithful who have stood stoically beside their their Club (not team) with an endearing innocence which has not been reciprocated.......by the team.

Many of the players starting on Saturday will be playing their last game in black and white. Will that affect their mentality? 'What mentality?' you shout. These players apart from Shinnie and …..well you name them have pretty much besmirched the Mighty Rams and made me sad. As I speak, RD are playing a recording of BC in 1972 being interviewed on the 'phone after the title was clinched and his only thought is putting the kids to bed. Yeah, different times, when we took our chances. Which players from '72 would you put on the team sheet for Saturday?

We know what needs doing, apart from me proof reading this. I've put this on early if all want to vent your collective spleens. Vidal put an excellent article on earlier.

Win or 5hit as they say somewhere.

Team news:-

Shinnie ©

Substitutes: Marshall, Jozwiak, Bird, Sibley, Cashin, Buchanan, Ebosele, Davies, Watson.

comment by Scouse (U9675)

posted on 11/5/21

comment by FinlandRam (U3621)
posted about 3 hours ago
The Pearson contract is baffling. Brizzle lost more games than we did!
Sam Rush is his agent

posted on 11/5/21

The League Arbitration Panel (‘LAP&rsquo has granted a limited aspect of the EFL’s appeal against the Decision of the Disciplinary Commission (‘DC&rsquo in August 2020 in relation the EFL’s Second Charge against the Club relating to the Club’s amortisation policy. No appeal was brought against the DC’s dismissal of the First Charge relating to the stadium sale.

The LAP found for the EFL on the sole ground that the Commission made an error in law “in rejecting the evidence of Professor Pope that it was impermissible in principle under the cost model for the Club to take into account possible resale values of players” in relation to the accounts for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons. The LAP rejected the EFL’s other two grounds of appeal.

The DC heard the original case over a week of evidence in 2020 included two eminent QCs and an expert accountant appointed by the EFL. It was found by the LAP to have produced an “enormously impressive and diligent” Decision. It had found that the Club had acted honestly, and its accounting policy substantively conformed with accounting standards. The LAP, which consisted of three very eminent lawyers, but no expert accountant, found that on one ground this was not so.

At the appeal the EFL accepted the DC’s factual findings at paragraph 54 of its Decision: the Club’s witnesses were found to have given truthful evidence about the amortisation policy, and their judgments were made in light of carefully researched and objectively justifiable information. The LAP did not interfere with that important finding.

The reason the EFL’s appeal took so long to determine was because of three separate preliminary issues raised by Middlesbrough FC and then the EFL, each of which required hearings and decisions by the LAP, and each of which was dismissed with the Club being successful. Had Middlesbrough and the EFL not brought those preliminary issues the appeal could have been determined in 2020.

The Club accepts but is disappointed with the LAP’s conclusion on the one ground that the EFL succeeded on. The Club and the EFL have agreed that the matter shall now be remitted back to the original DC who can determine what, if any, consequences arise from the partial success of the EFL’s Amortisation charge, and the Club is therefore currently unable to comment further.

posted on 11/5/21

Pick the bones out of that

posted on 11/5/21

Fine coming. Size TBD.

posted on 11/5/21

The next step will be to look at our accounts, see how many seasons we would have fallen foul of FFP without that policy in place, and apply the relevant punishment for each of those cases cumulatively.

They'll want to be very sure about this, as to avoid any legal action, hence why no timeframe is being given.

posted on 11/5/21

That's what I understand.

Think there was a bit of 'plea bargaining' going on.

EFL:- "Derby accept the lesser charge, don't kick off about the decision, don't embarrass us by appealing and it'll just be a fine".

Derby:- "we'll appeal"

EFL:- "you can't appeal - not allowed"

Derby:- "so, that's it - we have to accept the decision - reluctantly - pay the fine and keep our gobs shut?"

EFL:- "yes"

posted on 11/5/21

May 2026:

Punishment still unknown due to Steve Gibson getting involved for the 17th time

posted on 11/5/21

We are skint but have to pay Keogh £2.3M and the EFL an unknown amount plus solicitors fees for both cases. By the time this is over we could have bought Harry Kane for less.

posted on 11/5/21

And Erik Alonso's Twitter account has disappeared

posted on 11/5/21

Not too worried if the Alonso ‘deal’ falls through, doesn’t fill me with confidence anyway. On the other stuff, can’t we just retire quietly to the Northern Premier League for a few years until all the fuss dies. Mel really has made a spectacular ar5e of everything. At least Cellino sold Leeds to someone competent.

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