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Spurs v Wolves match preview

Date: Sunday 16th May
Kick off: 14.05
Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Originally scheduled for Wednesday this fixture has been put back to Sunday afternoon when Wolves will travel to the capital to take on Spurs.

In the reverse fixture back in December, the game ended in a 1-1 draw with a late Saiss header cancelling out Ndombele’s first minute strike. With Jimenez, Boly and Jonny watching on from an executive box and Matt Doherty playing for the ‘wrong’ side, Wolves were as depleted then as they are now.

Spurs last 3 games have been wins against Southampton and Sheffield United and a loss to Leeds.

Wolves followed two 1-0 wins against Fulham and Sheffield United with a thrashing at the hands of Burnley, a fighting draw against West Brom and a win against Brighton.

Now that Nuno has taken off the shackles and allowed his players to play some creative, attacking football, despite the tender age of the current squad, the commitment and enthusiasm shown in the last couple of games bodes well for next season.

Nuno will not have the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with friend and compatriot José Mourinho since Spurs dispensed with his services on the 19th April.

Wolves’ Willy Boly is expected to make a return after prolonged problems with Covid-19. This could conceivably see skipper Connor Coady dropped to the bench as Nuno is almost certain to stick with the 4 at the back formation used in the previous two games.

The game will be shown live on Sky Sports

Gem’s prediction 1-1

posted on 15/5/21

A lot of people are not apathetic. All tickets will be sold for the Utd game by Monday morning and come August all the Premier League games will be sold out regardless of the opposition. One of my new motivations is to go get away from the online apathy and negativity and get back to enjoying watching live football, just as I have done since I was a schoolboy

posted on 15/5/21

comment by TheBlackCountry (U22512)
posted 1 hour, 32 minutes ago
comment by Tamwolf (U17286)
posted 1 hour, 55 minutes ago
comment by Cinciwolf---A top 20 brand in world football (U11551)
posted 14 hours, 42 minutes ago
Really pleased to see the fans didn't go crazy and snap up the tickets immediately. Seems the money was certainly an issue for many.

Surely not. All he real fans that go to games will snap them right up. Remember, its only the fans on social media that don't go that will complain.

I can’t help think that the clubs have misjudged the mood of the fans in this country generally.

VAR, behind closed doors matches, the ESL fiasco, players attitudes, etc has seriously damaged the product over the last 12 months.

A lot of people I talk to are somewhat apathetic at the moment.

Yeah that is certainly the case this season. Is it just me or have there been fewer sackings this season as well?

posted on 15/5/21

Dave Edwards posting on Twitter today to announce his retirement from football. Great servant to Wolves and Shrewsbury, wish him all the best for the future

posted on 15/5/21

Much more people are apathetic than those that are not. People that go to games are an irrelevance to the big clubs. They are only there to generate an atmosphere for the real target audience, the armchair subscriber. It's these people that are currently negative about the product on sale.

This season has been utter crap in truth. Three games left to play and absolutely nothing to play for other than 4th place.

I agree it's advisable to avoid the Internet though if you want to escape reality and live cocooned in the delusional bubble of Utopia.

posted on 15/5/21

Only just realized it's the FA Cup final

Imagine if I were apathetic

posted on 15/5/21

Fair play to Leicester, could argue this season is more impressive than the title winning one to some degree. Envious, no reason at all why we shouldn't be able to emulate what they are doing.

posted on 15/5/21

Saw Richard stearman earlier nice lad

Fair play to the foxes winning the Cup

posted on 15/5/21

Good to see Leicester win that and touching to see the involvement of the owner in the celebrations
A big difference to most of the so called big 6

posted on 16/5/21

It's interesting to note that tickets sales etc for matches generate about 40m a season for us, yet TV money brings in over 60m.

Well done the armchair fans, I say.

posted on 16/5/21

Hopefully armchair fans may buy the occasional overpriced shirt etc to help with the coffers as well as paying their tv subs

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