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AZ 2 - Celtic 1

Well that was hard going

despite gifting them 2 goals we managed to see the tie out and make the group stages of the europa league.

When we drew AZ we had just been put out fairly easily by the danes and tbh i didn't expect much, we were/are very much a work in progress.

However, considering we had Taylor, Montgomery, Ralston &
Welsh contributing to our back line this is a massive achievement.

the defence needs work, we need a left back and a cb still and imo we will need mccarthy away from home in europe, turnbull and rogic offer zilch when we are on the backfoot, we need a bit of muscle in there.

Kyogoals again and abada finding him, these two are certainly contributing since their arrival.

looking forward to the draw, no doubt we will get a champs league leavel group and rangers will get goats, lepers, and their sisters who are alway ready to lie down for them...

too far?

comment by Hector (U3606)

posted on 27/8/21

AZ were so physical last night, if Jullien was playing he would have cried.

Can't wait for him to come back though, him and Welsh to be the partnership.

posted on 27/8/21

Welsh has done well.

posted on 27/8/21

Welsh = 4th choice centre back?

posted on 27/8/21

I honestly am so please to see how well Welsh is playing with great composure on the ball. Even switched to the LCB position because of his partners lack of confidence! He really has impressed me, didn't think he could get to the level he has, especially in such a short space of time!
Just goes to show huh! coaching is everything !

posted on 27/8/21

comment by JukeboxJunkie (U10162)
posted 1 hour, 43 minutes ago
comment by Call Sign (U3627)
posted 26 minutes ago
The game was as tough as we expected. They threw everything at us but sadly we also threw things at ourselves for 2 goals.

6-8 weeks ago we had said goodbye to any European football so this is a big bonus. Still a long way to go and we could still see a similar result on Sunday but the progress in such a short space of time is phenomenal.

The bravado from certain members of the Rangers support on their article last night about how easy we will be to beat is encouraging as they are verging into pure arrogance
They scraped past a Highland League team who played most of that game with 10 men 😂
What bravado

Every year we see this pash

posted on 27/8/21

comment by Zico 💚 (U21900)
posted 17 minutes ago
Team for Sunday?




You will need to score 3/4 to win with that team.

No defensive midfielders. A keeper and CB both accidents waiting to happen.

posted on 27/8/21

I am expecting a mental game tbh.

Morelos v Starfelt excites me.

posted on 27/8/21

i think juliens issue is the plastic pitch.

i never seen him struggle with big strikers on grass

posted on 27/8/21

Not worried about Sunday at all given what I've seen from rangers so far. We'll score

posted on 28/8/21

Given the importance of the fixture on Sunday, shouldn't Eddie be benched for this one? Fire power really isn't the problem atm, feel midfield needs shoring up more for this game. If needed, he can be brought in, but starting spots should be for those wanting to be at this club.

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