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Bring Back Death Penalty?


Easily one of the most disturbing, upsetting things I’ve ever read.

That poor little boy.

I hope the pair of them monsters suffer in the worst possible way and are monitored 24/7 to stop them topping themselves.

posted on 4/12/21

comment by Barefoot (U19770)
posted 7 minutes ago
Definite death penalty.

Kill them and don't waste any more time and money on these two
No facking way. Make them suffer. Torture the pair of em!

posted on 4/12/21

comment by palmers_spur (U8896)
posted 36 minutes ago
comment by The Lambeau Leap (U21050)
posted 28 minutes ago
The Romans trained baboons to rape condemned women on the sand of the arena…

Are you sure about this? Sounds a bit implausible. The Romans were fans of making spectacles of horrific punishments, but in general they let Roman women maintain modesty, even as criminals.

Pretty sure. I remember reading about a gladiator or animal trainer from Nero or Tiberius’ time who was pretty famous and taught animals to rape women using slaves/prisoners. Romans were pretty keen on their Greek mythology as well and I’m sure there are a couple of sources that mention them recreating myths in the arena. There was the one with the Queen who hid herself inside a wooden bull to get impregnated by a bull she fell in love with (she gave birth to the Minotaur). Anyway I read that they used to have female prisoners play her role when they’d recreate the story in the arena. They’d get the animals horny by smearing the female animals period blood all over the women

posted on 4/12/21

comment by South Side (U20009)
posted 2 hours, 36 minutes ago
You'll get some people who think they should be rehabilitated, when in reality they should be thrown into a hole in the ground and be forgotten about. They had their chance.

“They has their chance”

That resonates so much.

We all only have one life. They killed a young child before he had any chance to live his life.

They do deserve to rot in prison. That will be their life now. Their chance is gone. There will be no rehabilitation for either of them.

Death penalty? Nah, not for me. That is a get out punishment. Once they are dead, they can’t reflect on anything. But as long as they are alive, they get to suffer and live out consequences of what they’ve done.

comment by Naby8 (U6997)

posted on 4/12/21

This case has shocked so many people. I can’t bring myself to watch the videos, even reading about them is harrowing.

Personally I don’t believe in the death penalty but those two should never see the outside of prison. And they should know they’ll never see the outside of prison. No hope should be given. Nothing they can do between now the and end of their miserable lives can make this better.

posted on 4/12/21

As soon as you wrongly kill somebody, it renders the death penalty barbaric, evil and plain wrong.

As others have stated, death is easy - living a long nothing life is harder and more fitting.

Those who point to the "tax-payers" money being wasted, in the grand scheme of things it is relatively little and if people really cared about a waste of tax-payers money, they'd have kicked off more of a fuss about actual significant wastes of tax-payers money.

I appreciate people get really upset about horrific events like this, but "justice" isn't justice if its conversely reciprocated - a life in solitude is considerably more appropriate.

posted on 4/12/21

It's all gone downhill since the death penalty for pickpocketing was abolished.

Alternatively, we could also bring back transportation and ship convicts off to Australia for the Aussies to deal with.

posted on 5/12/21

These people get locked away from the hard core prisoners, every prisoner should be locked in the same cells as the others, the treatment they get won't be much different to what they do/did!..

Sometimes knowing what's coming will make people think before they do, and knowing a cushy life in prison wont be in their best interest it just might stop some off these idiots doing what they do!..

Like some have said, the death penalty lets them off to easy!..

comment by SteveF (U22027)

posted on 5/12/21

Hopefully someone will find a way to get at them in prison. I would think their crime is very high, if not at the top, of the prisoners retribution code.

posted on 5/12/21

Before any retribution is carried out. All those around them should be given a sumptuous feast whilst the scuummbags stand in the corner and watch .See how they like being starved

posted on 14/12/21

And here we are again, this time a female amateur boxer, beating a 2 yr old girl so badly she suffered cardiac arrest and died

I felt sick watching that news story

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