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Player ratings vs. Watford (FA Cup)

Consider if you will: Were Watford resting players for some key upcoming matches? Did they fail to take advantage of some obvious personnel issues we were having? Or did Ranieri actively want them out of the competition? Either way, they were dumped out today by a mix of pretty much anyone not on crutches.

Here are my ratings:

Ward: 7 - No clean sheet but no particular faults in a day that looked full of goalie howlers in other matches.
Albrighton: 7 - Filled in well in an unnatural position and got a goal for his troubles later on.
Choudhury: 8 - An all-action centre half performance, full of commitment and last-ditch drama. These kind of performances can go either way and going forward he needs to stay on his feet more. Also he was still clumsy in possession at times. But he did a sterling job today, making any number of tackles, interceptions and challenges. My choice for our MOTM.
Vestergaard: 7 - Not put under the sustained pressure that Watford might have wanted, but at least looked capable today and took charge of a crazy back line.
Daley-Campbell: 4 - Already uncomfortable on the left, then incredibly lucky not to get a second yellow. Yes, he slipped, but he should have gone and Mike Dean of all people didn’t pull the trigger. Almost pulled back someone’s shirt shortly afterwards. A walking red card by this point and rightly hauled at half time. Doesn’t really look at the level needed, although would likely have looked happier on the right.
Brunt: 7 - Started well, then drifted out of the game somewhat, then looked tidy at left back, then looked solid on the left of a back three. Mature-looking performance across several positions and was the one of the youngsters to give Rodgers something to think about. Did quietly well.
Tielemans: 8 - Did his babysitting duties well and helped the team take and keep control of the match. Watford never got a proper foothold, in part because Tielemans set the pace.
Perez: 6 - Got around the pitch well, but lacking in end product. Slightly damning that he lasted just 60 minutes with only kids on the bench.
Maddison: 8 - Took his goal superbly, making it look easy when it certainly wasn’t. Not always on it today but again took his babysitting duties seriously.
Barnes: 7 - Not back to his devastating best yet but challenged the Watford defence and was more diligent in defence.
Lookman: 8 - Missed two big chances, but put in a good, intelligent performance as a makeshift forward, linking the play by dropping short while also being willing to run in behind. Looks ever more likely to land a permanent deal.

Marcal-Madivadua: 6 - Tidy in possession; probably needs to bulk up a bit. A decent outing.
McAteer: 5 - More a reflection of not seeing much of him as opposed to him doing anything particularly wrong.
Alves: 6 - Given licence to show off all his flair and 5-a-side tricks at the end of the match. A fun watch if a little over-eager.

A match that would surely have been postponed had it been in the Premier League, this ended up as a surprisingly comfortable and polished win. It can certainly be suggested that Watford never showed signs of really wanting to win it, but also their fringe players like Hernandez who should have been trying to impress just looked trash. Still, the kids generally held their end up, particularly an understated but important performance from Lewis Brunt.

Good job, and ultimately a very good 3rd round draw for us.

posted on 9/1/22

comment by For Fox Sake (U4263)
posted 45 minutes ago
Alves had some nice touches but was like a kid in the playground who didn't want to give the ball to anyone else. TBF he just had a few minutes to showcase his skills and didn't want to waste the opportunity.

Thanks FFS. Sounds like he’s got some maturing to do, which is pretty understandable seeing as he’s 16 😂

posted on 9/1/22

Yeah, it’s too early for Alves yet. He’s clearly got flair but has a lot of honing and developing to do. Which isn’t meant as a criticism - he’s 16 and played like a confident, excited and talented 16-year-old.

With Hamza, he did well but didn’t for me resemble a “proper” centre back. It’s not like Amartey who shows not only that he can play there but should always have played there. Hamza was aggressive, committed and last-ditch, going to ground often, although there were moments that he read the danger very well.

He did well yesterday, but I don’t see this as a long-term position change without some significant changes to his game. He looked more like a Championship player having a belter.

posted on 9/1/22

That’s what I’d expect Dunge. Choudhury doesn’t have the concentration or footballing brain

posted on 9/1/22

…. needed to be a centreback.

posted on 9/1/22

comment by Merseysidefox (U4842)
posted 2 hours, 37 minutes ago
That’s what I’d expect Dunge. Choudhury doesn’t have the concentration or footballing brain





And now Choudhury, all written off by Leicester fans before being given a chance while Tilly walks on Water in his Emperors clothes

posted on 9/1/22

TB, you need to stop being so hard on Tilly and his perceived faults. Otherwise his potential suitors may be put off. Just think how much less we'd have got for Drinky, Maguire, Chillwell if you'd been so clear about their issues! 😂

posted on 9/1/22

He’s going no where, he might think and act like he is but no one in that upper frame of European Football is that daft to Pay over the odds for him.

posted on 10/1/22

Choudhury or Tielemans. I guess you’re right TB, I feel a bit silly that I’ve not been banging the drum for Tielemans to be dropped for him.

Get Maddison out too. Perez in. Amartey ahead of Evans and Little Wes for sure.

I’m obviously being facetious. But the reality is that Choudhury has had many chances now and has failed to take them all. I’m not writing him off, just pointing out what I see as the reason he hasn’t succeeded. He’s definitely got something (his ability to tackle in the modern game) but we’ve certainly never found a way to get the lost from it.

As for the comparison to Tielemans, that doesn’t help your argument, but you know that.

posted on 10/1/22

Well yes, if he's availab le Daniel is the first defender on the team sheet for me.

As for Choudhury, how many consecutive games has he played to get his 'chance'

He was extremely good against Watford, he stepped up like so may other players have done through Rodgers disastrous injury induced period.

Choudhury gets MOTM but is a Championship player, Tilly was Meh yet again and gets the same score as him as well as Lookman plus Maddsion who all had excellent games yet again

posted on 10/1/22

I honestly can’t comment on the Watford game TB as I’ve only seen the goals/highlights.

But all the other times I’ve seen Choudhury, Ive felt he is yet to show he can step up. It may be that he hasn’t found his perfect position or set up around him at Leicester. Players like Ndidi can look poor if asked to do things they aren’t suited to. Drinkwater fitted perfectly in to our team but has clearly struggled everywhere. Is he rubbish, or only good when the set up is right.

It’s a bit like Gray. He’s not a poor player but he never cut it in our team in the roles he was asked. Choudhury looks like it may end like that, although I’m happy if he suddenly steps up of course!

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