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Klopp and trophies

I like Klopp. I was one of the few who wanted him to join us back in 2015 when the LVG kool-aid was being passed around like your mum (Charlie Brooker joke there 😉) however it’s quite likely he’s gonna finish his time at Liverpool with just a handful of trophies to show for his 7/8 years there.

My question isn’t whether Klopp is a good coach (obviously he is) but more about

1) Should he have won more trophies?
2) Given that he probably won’t (win too many more at Liverpool), are trophy counts not quite the standard bearer for what a top manager is? As a Poch fan I clearly can’t personally say you need 20+ trophies to be considered a very good manager so please don’t think this is me trolling the Liverpool fans as I’d take him at United in an instant. Just curious to see how Klopp is perceived after nearly 7 seasons in the job and only one domestic trophy?

posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

I think when he leaves in a couple of years, if he doesn't have another Prem or CL under his belt then he will be disappointed. I personally am pretty philosophical about that though. As a supporter, I want to look forward to watching my team. I want to watch a team that goes out and plays football that I love watching. Sure winning things is the ultimate reward for supporters of a team, but in terms of the very fundamentals of why we love football, I want to enjoy watching the game being played....
For me I watched that first half against Chelsea and felt lucky that I support a team that are involved in so many good games. I don't want to be 0-2 up and draw 2-2. Or draw against Spurs 2-2. Or draw at home with City after being ahead twice but as a football supporter, it is amazing to watch those games and know we will see them again and again with Klopp in charge.
If we don't win anything else under him. I'll still take a PL and a CL. Ultimately though, I'll take the 4-0 against Barca, the 4-3 against Dortmund, the 4-3 against City, the 1-5 against United, the 4-5 against Norwich and dozens more and feel pretty lucky that I support a team that has brought years of entertainment to me.

posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

comment by Jadon The King Sancho (U10026)
posted 8 minutes ago
It is an excuse, other clubs rotate for cups and still win.

It doesn't matter who else rotates in the cup. Only whether the team that Liverpool are facing do when they play them.

I am sure there are games that Liverpool still had the stronger team and lost. I know that West Brom knocked them out when they had a strong side out. But by and large, Klopp doesn't really care about the cups and tends to use it as an opportunity to rest his first teamers and blood some of the kids/rotate.

posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

City won the league cup four years in a row because they're a world class team and took it seriously, to be fair.

posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

comment by Dr Tobias Fünke (U1217)
posted 3 minutes ago
City won the league cup four years in a row because they're a world class team and took it seriously, to be fair.

They also built a squad that has great quality in depth. Their second 11 would probably still finish in the top 4.

posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

When I heard the first shot on target was after 71 minutes and it was by the team with ten men I genuinely thought I’d missed a United game

posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

Just here to say that my Klopp article is better than this cheap click-bait and I'm bitter in the certainty that it will attract much less attention.

comment by Don (U22703)

posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

Klopp has built a brilliant first 11, and benefts hugely from having the truly world class Salah, who he had to be convinced to sign over Julian Brandt.

I think whatever he does in the next 2 years, nobody would consider his time at Liverpool any thing other than a success.

posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

RE: the OP, no I don't think I'd hold the trophy count against Klopp. He has entered the PL at a particularly competitive era, and even being competitive against a City side this financially dominant, stable and coached by Guardiola is a massive achievement. Ending LFC's title drought is a legacy in itself, let alone the CL, which wasn't a freak occurrence.

But more than that, what lingers in the memory isn't numbers of trophies. We remember great football and above all we remember when football does something that we hadn't seen before. The Dutch sides of the 70s are much more vividly ingrained in our footballing culture than the German and Argentinian sides that pipped them in successive WC finals. Klopp's Liverpool isn't on that scale of cultural phenomenon but it did introduce exhilarating counter-pressing to English football and I think generated the memories that will guarantee a sense of legacy.

posted 2 days, 5 hours ago

Can i just add....we may well end up.with 2 or 3 trophies yet this season....arsenal thibk they have knocked uss out the cup...they havent....city may think the prem is settled..it isnt

posted 2 days, 4 hours ago

comment by Elvis: King of Cult (U7425)
posted 11 hours, 27 minutes ago
comment by Alisson Becker, Liverpool's Number 9 (U3979)
posted 15 minutes ago
comment by Don Draper's dandruff (U20155)
posted 2 minutes ago
comment by Diafol Coch 77 (U2462)
posted 19 minutes ago
comment by Alisson Becker, Liverpool's Number 9

By that measure you make out the LFC team that finished second in 2019 is better than United's Treble team and the LFC team of say 1984?
forget about that comparison, using points totals alone the leicester team of drinkwater, morgan et al was better than pool's treble winners of 84.

but we've seen this many times before, the desperation of pool fans to proclaim this city team as the best team ever - and they seem much more desperate to do so than city fans - is embarrassing, and driven by nothing but their desire to top trump united fans (we only have 1pl title, but this team would have won 13 at saf's expense, because points)
Nobody is talking about the treble, or any competition outside the PL. So that's irrelevant.

City have been rubbish in Europe but domestically they are far better than United ever were under Fergie. End of story.
You mean the manager that won it 3 seasons in a row on 3 occasions? Ok mate.

When did this happen?

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