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Tyler Roberts

Off to QPR on loan with a view to a permanent move next summer, £4.5m.

If, if, they do buy it will represent a profit which will be good business.

Lots of times on here, people have defended him as being good enough to play for us in the premier league but we are selling him for less than it cost to buy Gyabi. Kind of shows what level Roberts is at.

Of course I wish him all the best for the future, just hope he finds his level with the R's.

posted on 6/7/22

comment by Elsbels - The Specials' One (U21658)
posted 43 minutes ago
He's a 23 year old Welsh international for god's sake and has made 50 appearances in the premier league and yet he is worth less than an 18 year old who was third choice prospect at Man City, who has never even made a first team appearance, how is that good business?
We bought him at 2.5m in 2018 and despite having made over 100 appearances for us he has increased his value by a mere £2m.
My fear is he will tank at QPR like he did with us and every team he's played for and at the end of next year they will give us a firm no and we will be stuck with him playing a little five aside tournament with Costa and Poveda.
we got ripped off for the city player. what else is new.
doesn't mean 4.5m isnt a good price for roberts.
best he moves on.

posted on 6/7/22

So Els is it good business as per your opening post. Or not good business as per your second post?

comment by Jaz63 (U8369)

posted on 6/7/22

Roberts to QPR is definitely good business - and the very best of luck to him!

Yes, it would be good to move Poveda on although he won't be on big money - but what about Casilla and Costa, who most probably are?

posted on 6/7/22

It’s only a fee if they get promoted and if he’s a key player, then it’s good business. He only has a year left on his contract after this season, it’s a fantastic deal if we ever got the 4m

comment by werb (U7906)

posted on 6/7/22

I doubt Roberts will ever again experience the loyalty shown to him by Bielsa . Fair play to MB, he stuck by him and gave him the chance to shine but it seemed the majority on here ( Me included ) were tearing there hair out when Tyler was called upon to save the day. Good luck to him at QPR, he's talented but probably needs to drop into the 1st division to start making progress.

posted on 6/7/22

Lots of people saying on here he’s a waste of money when the odd person said we will make profit on him.

Contributed to getting us promoted
Potential profit on sale.

Personally disappointed that they have agreed a £4.5m fee because if he stays fit at a club that shows him love he could just surprise a few folk ( a bit like kalvin Patrick roofe and wood did!)

posted on 6/7/22

Not sure anyone on here said he was good enough to play premier league football neither
1-star was me

posted on 6/7/22

Confirmed loan. Good luck to him 👍

posted on 6/7/22

Both shack and Roberts had the same problem, never fully fit for longer than a month.

So never end up getting a run in the side.

Hope he does well

posted on 6/7/22

One Tyler out and another in!..

So no way off mixing them when substituting!..

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