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Leeds Utd v Southampton

Highlandwhite Matchday Thread ================================================
Kick off 3.00pm. Live on Sky Sports & Talksport

The day has finally arrived, the Play off final match day thread and the richest game in football apparently.

Team news
Bamford out, no changes from the semi final.
Che Adams returns after missing both semi final legs, Ross Stewart is fit after 16 months out. The influential Stuart Armstrong and Gavin Bazunu are both injured.

After 6 miserable play-off failures it has to be lucky seven for us. Will be a hell of a tense game but the big pitch will suit our style and we can win this for sure. Going 3.2 Leeds in a thriller.

Over to the best supporters on 606 with your score predictions and line up

Can we go Live for the final time this season please Admins  


posted on 26/5/24

Despite the cruel disappointment yet again I actually thoroughly enjoyed my day and on reflection my previous excessive optimism about it being our turn etc was wishful thinking because the reality was Martin outsmarted Farke again although only just tbf I thought the lads gave it their all it wasn't for the lack of effort but
possession is pointless if you don't work the opposition GK which sadly Leeds didn't do and yes we were extremely unlucky hitting the bar but apart from that I only remember the Southampton keeper making 1 noteworthy save and felt that opening chance which
Gnonto scuffed was a massive chance missed to take
the lead which you feel Armstrong would have buried
and not long after he did find the target.

It was Southampton's day and Farke again made some strange subs imo but driving back to my hotel and hearing a Leeds fans want Farke sacked I thought was harsh but I think he has to rethink the striker position because that is what gets teams promoted and was our archilles heal this season.

Big summer of change for Leeds I feel but not meaning to rain on the 3 clubs that have got promoted but all 3 will need heavy investment just to have a chance of surviving as we would have done too but another season in the Championship and there's no guarantees but Leeds will be strong favourites to finish top with whatever players Farke has to mould into hopefully a title winning team.

I'm gutted for the players who many at the end collapsed in tears and that made me more emotional too but the 49ers will have to pick the bones out of all this and put their hands in their pockets and pass the begging bowl around to their numerous celeb investors and give our magnificent support, which was a joy to behold to be part of and savour, a team worthy of them and deserving back in the Premier League at the end of next season.

Sorry I couldn't post much but my phone battery went down quite quick and I wasn't prepared to pay £10 for Wembley Stadium to charge it up for me.

I also have to give praise to the Wembley Stadium staff who looked after me and provided me in the end with wheelchair assistance as I just had my crutches with me and they wheeled me from the car park to my seat and did the same at the end.

Oh well that's 4 play off final defeats and today definitely stung but we're used to it and our day will come and on that bombshell I shall call it a night and go and order some fish and chips I think to compensate a tiny bit for another one of Leeds glorious defeats.MOT

posted on 26/5/24

"This squad aint good enough."

What a load of crap!..

People seem to forget, if Farke had had this squad to start with instead of the not knowing who's left to start, he would have got auto's!..

And crawling up Lowfields back end, he wouldn't be here if this squad had won!..

The same crap from the same people, but the "I told you so" crew are going to make themselves heard, because we all know they were right from the start!..

posted on 26/5/24

Germany just admit you were wrong and you talk complete bo££ox

posted on 26/5/24

Agree Germany,

Think those first 6 weeks cost us badly and that was more on the board than the onfield management.

Also - hate it when people say Bielsa took two season. It’s true he did - but compare this team that of Bielsa’s - no comparison. Bielsa is a miracle worker. End.

posted on 26/5/24

So you hate it when people tell the truth

posted on 26/5/24

comment by Lowfields73 (U21886)
posted 10 minutes ago
So you hate it when people tell the truth

No, I hate it when people deliberately miss of context to a statement - ya muppet.

posted on 26/5/24

Germany casually forgetting that Saints also had a player exodus and a new manager. We also messed up the Jan transfer window which is a Leeds tradition also. Those 17 attackers would have come in handy today.

posted on 26/5/24

Lowfields, the only balls around here is you and your I'll get it right one day!..

You talk out of your ass and ain't big enough to support the team/club you clain you do!..

So, run along and start a "I told you so" thread!..

I'm sure Shaun'll agree with you!..

"Germany casually forgetting that Saints also had a player exodus and a new manager."

So Shaun, I have not once said anything against others and how they started, but, you seeing that way, than maybe if both clubs had had a propper start then it might have been Leicester and Ipswich playing Wembley today and not the two that did!..

posted on 26/5/24

Can somebody put this m where that wrong n is please!.

posted on 27/5/24

Why do people think it was the start to the season that stopped us going up ?. Why wasn't it losing points to teams like Sunderland, Rotherham, Huddersfield, and Blackburn, and they were sides that were struggling and we were at the top of the league. It's strange how people look at things. They were simply not good enough and Southampton showed they could beat us anywhere anytime, because we never learned anything. We blew a golden opportunity away and big questions must be asked as soon as possible now as to what happens next.

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