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What is your favourite type of bowl ?
Vote 1 star for Fruit Bowl
Vote 3 stars for Goldfish Bowl
Vote 5 stars for Toilet Bowl
This is a serious question and any WUMs will be deleted

posted on 22/6/11

J A 606 members please sign in and lodge your objection to" PerryGrovesWorld" and together we will stamp out "Bowlism"

posted on 24/6/11

Still waiting Perry you bowlist,not so BIG now are you eh!!!!! Any time you want pal!!!!!! I'll be there

posted on 28/6/11

This thread is a complete pile of bowllocks!

posted on 29/6/11

You can run and hide Perry but I will find yer,you know that don't you???

posted on 6/7/11

You totally forgot the true classic heavyweight Bowlcut!

posted on 12/8/11

The net is closing Perry!!
You are going to feature on Crimewatch this month,my advice to you,do the decent thing and hand yourself in.
I would also ask anyone with any info on Perry to please get in touch with me D C Hardwood, all witnesses will be protected,do the decent thing and lets get Perry off our streets.
(Please don't have any Bowl nightmares)

comment by CSTP (U1453)

posted on 15/8/11


posted on 23/8/11

Ha I'm back. Enough with these idle threats. Come on man up - admit you like bowls. Express your preference. Sorry Hardwood "ten pin" is not a type of bowl. Apparently it is some sort of sport practiced by people with a fetish for odd girly footwear.

posted on 15/3/12

Ha I return - you may remember me as "PerryGrovesWorld" ? but I digress from my real purpose for visiting this vibrant, active board.
Was the Bowler hat developed as a form of protective headwear for any wildly errant bowls ?

comment by Tyke (U9181)

posted on 13/12/14

I believe the bowler hat was invented during the puritanical times when bowls was banned.
Groups of men, under the guise of 'fashion' would saunter around, wearing their new-fangled hats...
Then, at the behest of a secret command, they would all dive through some bushes onto a pre-pepared field..
There, with a quiet excitement, they would remove their bowlers to reveal...
A quick clandestine game would ensue, and then, the bowls once again secreted in their cunning headwear..the men would reappear from the bushes, as ghostly as they dissapeared, and mingle again amongst the throngs.

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