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Does This Class as Cheating?

Good evening fellow United fans!

It's been a long day, so I'll cut straight to the point:

I've recently received my University offers (£9,000 a year! Extortion!) and one of those offers happens to be the University of our beloved neighbours, Liverpool.

Needless to say, I'm torn.

To get into Liverpool I need AAB, I'm very seriously considering putting it as my back up offer as it's proudly a Russel Group Uni (for those who don't know, the Russel Group is the top 20 Universities in the UK as recognised by...well...the Russel Group!).

Newcastle and Leeds remain the contenders for my firm offer (the one you most desire to attend) and, as they are extremely highly regarded, again both Russel Group, demand at least AAA, or, in Leeds' case, A*AA.

Now, I'm predicted A*A*A but obviously that's no small feat, exams can be incredibly obscure and catch you off guard, so assume I under perform, by a grade on each subject to be precise, if I had Liverpool as my back up I'd still be getting into a Russel Group Uni as, as such, open the doors to a long and lucrative career (hopefully).

So, would you hold it against me if I attended Liverpool? Would my love for Manchester United be cursed by the constraint that is monogamy? What if my flat mates were 'Pool fans!? What if they filled me with their tales of Steevie G and the myth that was El Nino!?

Just to add a spanner to the works: I don't plan to use my degrees/ academic qualifications at all as my passion is business and I'm merely applying to Uni to please my parents and for networking reasons. To put it plainly; I wish to be the employer, not the glorified, highly paid employee.

No offense to any employee's out there, our World wouldn't operate without you, I just have my goals and dreams and I refuse to give up on them.

If anyone was interested; I'm applying for Economics or some very closely related variation at these Universities.

Not strictly football but let's get a good debate going!


posted on 25/1/12

No, the business yesterday was Bus 2 which is an AS exam (well, at least at my school it was Bus2 yesterday).

I have Bus3 tomorrow which is meant to be the hardest of the business exams and English isn't till June!

The curriculum is just so vast that basically anything can come up so it's really down to how accurate your teacher is when analysing trends in the questions and predicting which topics.

posted on 25/1/12

Oh yeah! Business tomorrow morning right?

Get revising lad!
I should be revising Chemistry ffs.

posted on 25/1/12

I've been at School from 9-6 today for a complete course recap! My brain needed a rest!

Think it's probably time to get back to it, good luck with your exams and I hope you get into the University you like most! If you get an A in Maths, you'll truly be a legend.

Lastly, to which ever poster who said I was a 'Tory wan***' earlier, you're like Paul Weller, without the talent, intelligence or tongue in cheek.

Happy Liverpool Vs City guys! Bye.

posted on 25/1/12

You too mate, best of luck in the future. See you round.

posted on 25/1/12

If you get an A in Maths, you'll truly be a legend.


Thank you.

posted on 25/1/12


I hold no grudges for a bit of banter, well done, an amazing feat.

posted on 25/1/12

Good luck in your exams pal.

comment by Hodgey (U1271)

posted on 25/1/12

Go there on a massive WUM mission. But in fairness, if you're predicted A* A* A then you needn't worry about poxy Merseyside! How on earth are you that clever?!

posted on 25/1/12


To be honest I chose my subjects well, Business and Econ complement each other nicely, basically, if you know Econ well enough, Business should come naturally.

The A*'s are tricky, you need, on average 65% for an A but that increases to 90% on both A2 exams for an A* so a simple miscalculation or off day can rid you of those heights.

In all honesty, I'd be happy with AAB, however, the A* I really want just so I can say I got the highest possible grade in any one of my subjects.

posted on 26/1/12

Firstly, all the best with your exams. I hope you get the grades that you've been predicted to get.

Secondly, the community you'll be mixing with will, naturally, be other University students, all from all over the country, so if you do end up going to (for example) Liverpool, the chances of your flat-mates being from Liverpool and/or Liverpool fans will be quite remote. My experience of being at Uni (two different Uni's - one as an undergrad and one as a post-grad), was that students and locals rarely mix. It's also often the case that flatmates end up as secondary friends - a group of people who are thrown together who may or may not get on.

University is a great experience. I loved my time there and made some great friends. It may not be directly linked to your long term goals, but it will be beneficial. Both socially and professionally. So you shouldn't have any doubts about going, even if you feel that your main reason for going is to please your parents.

And you're making a good decision having a back-up that doesn't require as high a grades as you're predicted to get. The fact that your back-up is still a highly respected University makes that all the better.

Finally, best of luck with your business. I started up my own business 4 years ago (after working in the industry to which my business belongs for over 10 years). Pretty much at the outset of the recession that we're all experiencing. It's been really tough, but gradually I've been able to establish myself, and if anything the tough economic times that we're living in has in a sense been beneficial to me. My way of thinking being, if I can get through this recession and build up my business then, once things start looking brighter more generally, things will then really start to look up for me. My main pieces of advice would be 1) know (inside out) your business and market, 2) network, then network some more (people buy into people rather than products, so don't expect your business to sell itself), 3) be prepared to take risks, and finally 4) be prepared to fail. Never rest on your laurels and always always look to improve in any way you can.

All the best mate, and no matter which Uni you end up going to, make the most of it.

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