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Games with Gold - March

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posted on 6/3/15

Thanks for this article. I downloaded Tombraider last night as I'd never played it and wouldn't have even looked without this being posted.

posted on 6/3/15

Ivan - No problem, I've noticed Amigawolf does a great job of providing the Playstation news and felt Xbox users needed something.

If it helps 1 person not miss out on a free game then it's worth it

Let me know what Tomb Raider is like, I'm still battling through Dragon Age before I start a different game.

posted on 14/3/15

I just got an Xbox one last week and downloaded Rayman. If you like old school platformers you'll love it. It's a huge game with some cracking inventive touches. Things like the mariachi level where it's a race against time hitting notes to the tune whose name I don't know but if you're familiar at all with Kill Bill. The Crazy 88's??? rings a bell

I also got a game from ebay on download code. it was an old free game on xbox one. Max and the curse of brotherhood. Best 6 quid I ever spent

Very intelligent game, Platform game of sorts but with puzzles which get progressively harder thru the game

I'll admit I had to youtube a few times when stuck

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