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Year Ago Today

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posted on 4/1/20

comment by New Magnum. The Mild Drover (U16400)
posted 8 hours, 26 minutes ago
posted 13 hours, 21 minutes ago
One thing about Gerrard is he always learns from adversity and setbacks , the team are much stronger , have lost one game in the league , last 32 in Europe , into the final of the wee cup and only beaten by an offside (only 3 players) goal and horrendous refereeing after dominating every position of the park for 96 minutes , we also went through a very tough December where everyone expected to drop a load of points in the league , unbeaten in those tough fixtures drawing at Aberdeen . I’m very happy with that , last new year has absolutely no bearing whatsoever in this , in fact the new year before last new year has even less bearing on it .

Bring it on , we welcome the chase
Last new year has absolutely no bearing on this....and the year before has even less

I'd hate to see what he would come up with if he ever took a drink.
Sounds like some reasonable points

posted on 6/1/20

<One thing about Gerrard is he always learns from adversity and setbacks>

Older than most but never even heard of such a coach.

Revie, Busby, Shanks, Stein, Ferguson never managed that.

Never mind one in a backwater who's had a few decent results.

Calm the fvk doon mate.

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