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The Battle has been Won

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posted on 1/2/20

comment by Klopptimus Prime (U1282)
posted 1 minute ago
Fact checking? If that actually happened then Brexit might have failed.
Good point. But imagine if they get what they want. That’s done really scary stuff, the fact that Boris has a guy whispering in his ear to end the impartial information flow and basically turn it into propogabda is scary stuff.

He’s already started on the bbc. They tried to get him in for an Andrew neill grilling and he hid like a coward. And was called on it, now he’s going to get his revenge.

I can see early parallels with 1930 Germany to what he will try and do with the information flow. That’s really bad news for us.

The way it is these days, you get your tv, entertainment from the Internet largely. But most of the places you go to get are owned by corporations that can feed you any content they want, and some of it subtle politicall alignment (in form of movies, shows etc) that influence you. I’m not saying many do that now, but it can and probably will happen. That why I like the bbc and c4, the bbc have to operate faily and they tend to do that, and c4 are independent, so both are meant to be Fred of political leanings. They should be safeguarded, before the political elite destroy it all for propaganda.

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