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grey haired rambling of a virus dodging old

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comment by Admin1 (U1)

posted on 22/3/20

Keep your chin up and take care

posted on 22/3/20

You take care mate.

Unreal times.

Keep an update regular and be sure people will back you up.🙏

posted on 23/3/20

Genuinely great to hear from you Dublin. Don’t hesitate to keep posting and keep us updated. You matter on this board whether there is football or not.

Sadly there’s not a lot we can do about the length of time your isolation will need to continue for. But hopefully when we’re over the first wave, things will settle enough for you to have safe visits and football will be back.

At least that will be 1 and 2 sorted anyway 👍

Glad you’re ok for now. Hopefully you’ve got the title winning season on dvd and on repeat!! Loads of good YouTube content on the title win that I often return to watch when I need cheering up.

Shall we think of some random football stuff to get the juices going and keep us entertained?

Who are your 3 most revered people in your Leicester supporting history. Obviously Vichai and Top are number 1 so they need to be excluded and adored accordingly. As such let’s keep this to the footballing staff.

Here goes:
1. Nigel Pearson. Undoubted number 1. He put in place the blueprint for our club that still exists today. Yes he made mistakes but he took us from our lowest point in history and built the club up to be what it is today.
2. Steve Walsh. To me still the biggest Leicester legend. He epitomised what was required at Leicester back in the day. He gave everything to the cause and more. He also was one of the greatest centre back to centre forward conversions. Another debate.
3. And finally Esteban Cambiasso. Simply for being the greatest player I’ve ever seen in leicester blue. Another debate.

Obviously Ranieri deserves a mention for finishing off Pearson’s amazing work, and I also think Brian Little deserves credit for what he did at our club. MON is a consideration obviously, as we’re key players under him such as Izzet and Lennon. He’s key considered - he was part of the rescue and before my time we’re the real greats of Lineker, Worthington, Weller, Banks, Shilton et al.

I doubt you can argue with my list, but have a go.

Stay safe Dubs.

posted on 23/3/20

Or not 🙃

Come on guys, let’s not isolate from these boards. I need them for my sanity!

posted on 23/3/20

Nigel Pearson

Jimmy Bloomfield


posted on 23/3/20

Need to apply the brain
I'll be back 😳

posted on 23/3/20

Solid 3 MITLBC.

I note the importance of managers here. It seems that it is they that provide the most crucial role at a club, and by default become the most important people.

posted on 23/3/20

not Pleat, Megson and Sousa though..

posted on 23/3/20

Sousa was a good example of the right manager at the wrong time. Except like Puel, his coaching methods were not aligned the English game.

Pleat and Megson on the other hand 😐

posted on 23/3/20

Oh forgot about Puel

posted on 23/3/20

Bloomfield 🤦‍♂️

But weller, glover, Worthington, rolf, Whitworth, Samuel's

Lads use to call into the petrol station tue or Wed
In Narborough,

posted on 23/3/20

Larry May, John O’Neil and Mark Wallington. Good central Defence, one was good in the air and the other one was fast. Actually that was May on his own.

posted on 23/3/20

Hope you keep well Dubs!

(And everybody else too whilst I mention that)

comment by Vulpes (U6011)

posted on 25/3/20

Late as ever, so little activity here that I stopped checking.

Dublin, great to hear that your ok and well stocked.
Long may you continue to ramble and dodge the virus –Stay safe.

For me:

and Matt Gillies' last great side playing as now in a
4 1 4 1

An attack of the Doog with Jackie Sinclair and Stringy on the wings
Bobby Roberts, Jimmy Goodfellow and Davie Gibson in mid
And the best goalkeeper in the world in goal.

Then alas:

posted on 25/3/20

Great builds Vulpes, great builds.

posted on 26/3/20

My top 3 would be
1. Steve Walsh
2. Nigel Pearson
3. Muzzy Izzett

Special mention for (OOOH) Tommy Wright - my favourite when I first started going to games regularly

posted on 26/3/20

Hope You're keeping safe and well Dubs.

posted on 27/3/20

I wasn’t going to comment because I was going to be stating the obvious in one case...but here goes anyway. It was near on impossible to stick to 3.

Matt Gillies for his tactical nous/fantastic shrewd buys turning “peanuts” purchases and nurturing them into world-class performers. Much admired by Busby & Shankley.

Frank O’Farrell. Len Glover left wing/John Farrington right wing what a pairing.


posted on 28/3/20

Claudio Downsouf? What did he ever achieve?!!

posted on 28/3/20

comment by Merseysidefox (U4842)
posted 56 minutes ago
Claudio Downsouf? What did he ever achieve?!!
Precisely Mersey. Like me, naff all.

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