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Gary Neville discusses Klopp's complaints

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posted on 4/12/20

comment by Donny The King van de Beek (U10026)
posted 5 hours, 10 minutes ago
But it’s not really like that. As football isn’t that heavily regulated it’s not like they’re breaking the rules (though I’m sure plenty are). There’s plenty of things written about it. But football does a very good job of keeping it out of the headlines. It doesn’t actually bother me, but many like to pretend that football is above it, when it’s actively encouraged.
Where are plus of things written. You don't mean social media ihope

posted on 4/12/20

comment by Wahl Icht ; (U22469)
posted 1 hour, 21 minutes ago
This coming from a guy who once had a 10 page argument over the difference between a suggestion and an assumption
----I think you're going to win the award soon Wahl'. Will you be proud? ------------------------------------------------------------------

posted on 4/12/20

comment by Winston (U16525)
posted 17 minutes ago

Said without a hint of irony. Funny.

You’ve been crying about me for weeks now. I don’t even remember you, but you started letting it all out about how much I upset you and how I’ve ruined your life.

I tried to be decent but your true colours have come out... you’re just here for the childish arguing, as this thread and others have proven.

You go around judging others for things that you do on a daily basis. It’s funny but a bit pathetic to be honest.

Will leave you to it, as I’m sure it’ll all be someone else’s fault. Probably mine. Maybe the Spurs fans. Certainly not yours.

Well I doubt a lot of this happened.

posted on 5/12/20

comment by Don Draper's dandruff (U20155)
posted 1 day ago
comment by FootyMcfootfoot (U21853)
posted 46 seconds ago
Isn't fergie the only manager to pull his team from the cup because of fixture congestion and wanting to play in the world club cup? Seems a strange example.
christ, this myth is resurrected every few months, why don't you go and read about that properly and then get back to us.

TLDR; no.
I did and it said he pulled them out the fa cup to fly to the world club cup, which isn't that when Romario plopped on united and Gary neville 😅

Fergie used the old "we did it for England's world cup bid" which is total bollox it's fair to say. Fergie wouldn't make any compromises like that and these excuses only appeared aftewards. Fa cup never really recovered from that move.

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