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Saliba awarded player of month @ Nice

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posted on 6/2/21

Should facking think so too. £30m CB playing for the French equivalent of Brighton not being player of the month every month he's there, serious questions would need to be asked about his ability!

posted on 6/2/21

Cheer up gooners Saliba getting experience at Nice so will he be starting I doubt it since Arteta is very ruthless to young guns.

I can easily see Saliba and Gabriel partnership next season and Mari and Holding as backup. Luiz has to be released.

We also need new LB to compliment injury prone Tierney and a new DM (Bisouma) to compliment Partey

We also need two attackers a striker and a Attacking midfielder

posted on 6/2/21

If what I’m hearing from this side of the channel is correct, I doubt the kid will want to go back to Arsenal.
He’s still an AFC player so he’d have to but those 6 months have apparently left a bad taste in his mouth.

posted on 6/2/21

He is better than Mustafi and should've been in our Europa squad and played all those games

posted on 7/2/21

The whole thing was a mess no doubt and I'm still not sure what's happened there, why he wasn't named in EL squad at least. Good he's doing well since it means either we'll mend the relationship with him and get a good CB back or we'll at least make our money back, if not sell him for a profit for once.

That'd make @Nice change, boom boom

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