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Say Ooh Ahh

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posted on 23/2/21

Super read wellies

Really proud to have seen him in a rams shirt that season but especially that Utd game with Wanchope and Poom making their debut and Paul without doubt being the best player in the pitch.

How he kept playing to that age not only with all the injuries but more so with the demons he lived with from his UTD days and beyond is just unreal.

Thanks for that mate, brought a little tear

Ooh ahh Paul McGrath

posted on 23/2/21

Thought you'd approve yoth.

Yeah if I could have read the game like he did...

posted on 24/2/21

That's a great read - if you'd blinked in the 96-97 season, you would have missed seeing him in the brief appearances he made but everyone loved him - legend that he is.

comment by Scouse (U9675)

posted on 24/2/21

Great read 2W

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