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Free PS+ games for March

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posted on 26/2/21

Cheers Amiga. Definitely deserves its own article, but I couldn’t possibly take that honour from you!

Great month and great excuse to finally play FF VII!

posted on 26/2/21

I have to admit, I have never played a single Final Fantasy game

Never been interested, and probably never will don’t even know why, just doesn’t look for me.

Not fussed with the PS5 offering this month, but the new Destruction Allstars last month was and still is good fun, and Oddworld next month so I’m happy for now

posted on 26/2/21

Ff7 is probably my favourite game of all time

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 26/2/21

I'm almost annoyed that ffvii has been released for free so quickly...

Its a class remake/continuation of an already class game.

Great free month

posted on 27/2/21

Remnant: From the Ashes is a Souls like game. I finished it on coop with my wife. It was amazing fun!

posted on 27/2/21

Cheers for that feedback Cereal. It looked pretty good to me, It's good to hear that from someone who has played it.

posted on 1/3/21

I somewhat dismissed Maquette as a token PS5 title. looks like I was being a little unfair. The reviews for it have been very positive.

Looks like a decent title and something certainly well worth looking at.

posted on 5/3/21

Other Sony news.....




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