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who is the best table tennis player?

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posted on 26/6/11

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comment by Ruiney (U1005)

posted on 26/6/11


posted on 26/6/11

What's wrong with writing two words, in officially recognised Romanized Chinese, that sound like a Chinese name – two words that might even be considered onomatopoeic in their evocation of the sound of a paddle hitting a ball?

posted on 14/7/11

how did you post on here ? when i create an article it doesnt give me the option of table tennis

posted on 27/3/12

no idea

comment by (U6361)

posted on 1/5/12

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posted on 8/5/12

Ma Long or Jike Zhang at the moment. Chinese dominate and no Europeans come close.

posted on 3/8/12

Most likely me...but seriously this forum needs perking up a bit!

posted on 23/7/13

1502 people perishing in 1912 would be equivalent to 6000 people dying in a catastrophe today.

posted on 29/10/13

Highlights - Brechin City 3-4 Rangers

posted on 22/6/14

2014 Fifa World Cup latest score: Nigeria 1-0 Bosnia-Hercegovina - multi-stream TV, text & radio coverage

posted on 19/9/14

Michael Gove says first indications "positive" for those who want to keep United Kingdom together

posted on 15/7/15

Rescuers involved in a major search for a missing fisherman say they believe he may have gone into the water overnight.

posted on 18/11/15

Jonah Lomu: New Zealand rugby union great dies aged 40

posted on 13/2/16

Unity call as Pope Francis holds historic talks with Russian Orthodox Patriarch

posted on 9/5/17

Southern Health faces Connor Sparrowhawk drowning charges

posted on 6/9/17

2015 to 2019 · Newburgh, New York

posted on 14/4/19

List of countries by ratio of GDP to carbon dioxide emissions

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