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Cleganebowl Confirmed!

Do London clubs belong to United?

Best Fulham player 2002/03 = Saha (then signed for United)
Best Fulham player 2003/2005 = Van Der Saar (then signed for United)
Best West Ham player of 2006/07 = Tevez (then signed for United)
Best upcoming Spurs player 2005 = Carrick (then signed for United)
Best Spurs player 2007/09 = Berbatov (then signed for United)
Best Arsenal player 2010/2012 = RVP (then signed for United)
Best Chelsea player 2011/2013 = Mata (United..)
Best Crystal Palace player 2012/13 = Zaha (...)

“When we were in training, I used to do a lot of tricks which not many of the other players could do. Once I was showing my skills to Scholes. After I finished, Scholes took the ball and pointed at a tree which was about 50m away from were he was standing. He said, Im going to hit it in one shot. He kicked it and hit first time. He asked me to do the same, I tried 10 times, but couldn’t hit it with that accuracy. He smiled and left.” C.Ronaldo on Scholes


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