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Dim Sum Slunk - JA606 Woman rescuing champion(U22695)

member since: 10 September 2021

More about me:

saved a woman's life by stopping her from drowning out at sea

intervened to stop a man dragging a woman into a car

intervened to stop a man who was beating his girlfriend in her room

intervened to stop a guy from roughing up his girlfriend in the street

in all likelihood stopped a woman's unborn baby from being crushed by a heavy automated door

chased off an angry dog to stop a woman from being thrown from her horse

rescued my best mate's girlfriend from his drunk dad in a pub once, and she thanked me 20 years later

Women rescued - 7
Women abused - 1*
Women exploited - 0

* about 20-25 years ago, I was flirting with an attractive woman who had approached me late one night in the kebab shop when I was talking to my friend, when for reasons I can not recall I slapped her backside. Even that was probably inappropriate, but I did it far too hard, and she was clearly upset. I have regretted this many times, and wince every time I think of it.


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