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In two minds today

One the one hand I want Neil Redfearn to have as big an impact on the team as he did in his previous stint as caretaker of course I do, a few points and moving in the right direction. On the other I want him not to succeed.

If we were to pick up a lot of points, the clamour for him to be appointed to the position of head coach on a more permanent basis would increase and given Cellino's track record with coaches it would only be a matter of time until he is subsequently sacked (possibly demoted but I cannot see that).

If he falls flat on his face, no such clamour but what then?

To me, Neil's best role is as coach of the kids so I 'd like Cellino to come out and make it clear that no matter what Redfearn will return to that job.

posted on 27/10/14


I agree. There were improvements.

But we were fortunate. Luvr think that's completely wrong.

We were fortunate. You know from watching the games, we could easily have lost to Bolton and Bournemouth. Had the luck being the other way. I am not saying we played badly. We played quite well. But both sides dominated us for significant periods of the game.

Redfearn did a good job don't get me wrong. But we didn't become promotion contenders over night as 10 points from 12 would suggest.

I also believe that some credit has to go to Hockaday. Redfearn improved on what he was doing. But he did achieve some good things with the players.

I think Redfearn will do a good job. But mid table is still where we will finish. I hope that is good enough for Cellino and Redfearn gets to build on that for next season. Because that's by far and away our best chance of success

posted on 27/10/14

I am not saying we should have lost those 2 games to clarify.

But we could easily have. And draws were probably a fair result.

posted on 27/10/14

Yeah I agree mate, we certainly weren't the finished article...a long way from that.

We did improve each game though....would have been very very interesting to see what NR would have done over the past 6 very winnable games...I believe we would have kept on improving and won at least 2 of the 6 at the very least...with a couple of draws thrown in.

What Cellino did in this instance was listen to the fans.

Fans were worried that NR leaving the academy wouldn't be best for the club, at the time I kind of agreed.

But if the kids are good enough, then it shouldn't matter too much whos in charge....Richard Naylor?

NR - First Team
RN - Youth

posted on 27/10/14

And yeah on a different day (under Hock or Darko) we wouldn't have got a thing from those games imo.

He (NR) had a massive effect on the players, and fans inside ER.

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 27/10/14

No Jud, Cellino sacked Naylor.

posted on 27/10/14

Do we actually have any coaches at the club other than Redfearn and Neil Sullivan at the moment?

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 27/10/14

Faith, Darko is still on the books apparently:


posted on 27/10/14

Yeah I saw that Jonty,

You are likely to know for sure, are there actually just those two left as coaches?

Obviously we are paying Darko still but he isn't working for us. What about his assistant? Is he on gardening leave?

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 27/10/14

Jason Blunt coaches the u 18s

posted on 27/10/14

So to summarise. We ony have 3 coaches. One is first team coach. One is a goal keeping coach. And another is under 18s?

We have no manager. No assistant. No academy coach. No fitness coach. Or any supporting coaches?

Oh no Cellino is manager sorry. So we har a manager.

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