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Comparing Chelsea 04-06 with 9/10

Edin (known Spurs fan, possible WUM, currently masquerading as Melt U22362) tried to drag me into a debate over whether Ancelottis title side was better than Jose's 04-06 double title winners

I was too tired last night and i still cant be bothered to respond with my opinions so im throwing it to the class

Edin's points:
Malouda and Anelka> Duff and Robben (based on output)
Lamps 09, Drogba 09 and Ivan and Cole all better than their counterparts

I forget the others

Oh he also thinks Terry and Carvalho are being overrated as a partnership

Anyone got any thoughts?

comment by 🦆 (U22288)

posted on 13/5/20

2004/05 squad:

GKs: Cech, Cudicini, Pidgeley
LBs: Bridge, Babayaro
CBs: Terry, Gallas, Carvalho, Huth
RBs: Ferreira, G.Johnson
DMs: Makelele, Geremi
CMs: Lampard, Tiago, Smertin, Jarosik, Parker
WGs: Duff, J.Cole, Robben
STs: Drogba, Kezman, Gudjohnsen

(Mutu was also in the squad but was sacked early season).

I might have missed one or two.

My point is, it was a very good squad, superior to what we currently have. But the two world class players in every position malarkey is nonsense.

comment by Blarmy (U14547)

posted on 13/5/20

I didnt say world class. Top was meant to mean top end of PL class at a minimum

Dont know why you dislike Geremi. He was a good utility player imo

comment by Blarmy (U14547)

posted on 13/5/20

Yeah Del Horno wasnt great. Gallas might not have had such an issue if he wasnt covering left back so much

posted on 13/5/20

04-06 team wins all day. I can see a debate being viable, those points in the article were all arguable, but the 04-06 team has too much quality & historical impact to overlook.

I will say a very large factor on this is the managers. Put a young Mourinho in charge of that 09-10 team & we could've easily been the ones winning a treble instead of Inter that year. Was at the peak of his power as a manager/leader in 09-10.

comment by 🦆 (U22288)

posted on 14/5/20


Team A


Ferreira Carvalho Terry Gallas
Lampard Makalele Tiago
Robben Drogba Duff

Team B

Johnson Huth Geremi Bridge
Jarosik Smertin
J Cole
Kezman Gudjohnsen

Not really two top class teams.

posted on 14/5/20

Jarosik wasn't in the 04 squad.

comment by Melt (U22362)

posted on 14/5/20

To clarify I said Carvalho/Terry are misremembered not overrated. I also said I think Ancelottis starting XI was superior to Mourinhos

If you were to combine the sides you would go:

Cech 05
Ivan Terry 05 Carvalho 05 Cole
Lampard 10 Makelele Ballack
Robben Drogba 10 Malouda

09/10 6 - 5 04/05

comment by 🦆 (U22288)

posted on 14/5/20

comment by BrummieBlue! (U3487)
posted 1 hour, 18 minutes ago
Jarosik wasn't in the 04 squad.

Not in August, true, but he was signed in January 2005 for the 2004/05 swuad.

posted on 16/5/20

The key thing for me is that the 2004/2005 team broke the stranglehold that Arsenal and United had on the PL. Am I also right in thinking that Ronaldo had left United when we won the title in 2009/2010?.

Foe me the best team we ever had was between 2004 and 2006

posted on 16/5/20

Yeah, I just checked and United had sold Ronaldo. Unites and Arsenal were nowhere near as strong in 2009 as they were in 2004. Watching Chelsea between 2004 and 2006I honestly never thought we would lose a game. I have never had that feeling with a Chelsea team since.

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