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Must win?

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posted on 9/3/20

Leicester have been crumbling for a while, i fancy Villa to take a point at least tonight.

So luckily for you that means Leicester will definitely win.

posted on 9/3/20

In our hands, but is a must win, the next 2 weeks will define our season.
Has promised so much, will be so disapointing if we miss out on Champions league now.
Now is time to stand up and be counted.

posted on 9/3/20

I genuinely fear our “must win” game came and went with Norwich. That for me was the nail in our confidence coffin and I worry the slide is irreversible from here.

That said, I will keep some hope that Ndidi returning will rejuvenate the team and allow our creative midfielders to cause more damage.

I have little confidence about tonight. I hope we win, can see us losing and predict a 1-1 draw.

Hope I’m wrong.

posted on 9/3/20

Yes, it's a must win. We've been awful for about 2 months, the gap is closing and Villa must be seen as a game we should win at home.

No excuses.

posted on 9/3/20

If you split the matches in half
1st set lower teams still have a chance of escaping relegation
2nd set top teams chasing Europe

So unfortunately we play the lower mid clubs over next 4 weeks
And end with sheff, spurs, man utd
Not a good run given our form

I honestly am struggling to see 3pts at this stage
Current form / early form

Villa H 1/3
Watford H 0/3
Everton A 0/1
Arsenal A 0/1
Palace H 0/3
Bournemouth A 1/1
Sheffield H 0/3
Tottenham A 0/0
Man utd H 0/0

Left the last 2 as I don't think we've played the last few games before where we've really had something to play for,

If Chelsea and utd carry on their form
We need 15 points min 65 and maintain the gap and make them win 6/7 games to catch up

Will have to see which Leicester turns up

posted on 9/3/20

Like the Norwich game it isn't a must win, but with confidence draining from the team, we need to have a good performance to set us back on track.

The results over the weekend didn't help either.

posted on 9/3/20

100% must win. Just like the last game, and the next.

posted on 9/3/20

We must win tonight although the weather conditions won't help. Why not for our league position but for the moral of the team and the fans imo

posted on 9/3/20

It’s not often I say it but I feel it’s a must win/have to win.

posted on 9/3/20

Need to win because I can't see us getting anything next week away to Watford.

Seen some funny comments this week from inside the Club.

BR saying he's not surprised we've done so poorly recently, it's all down to Ndidi being out. ( Doesn't say much for a Club at Leicester's level one player missing has had such an effect, doesn't say much for the Managers limitations in working around it or the Sports science team who rushed Ndidi back )

Chilwell saying fans expect more of him because he's an England Player. ( No, he's just massively over hyped, an average player )

Gray saying he's needs patience to get his chance for more Football ( I guess the next window isn't too far away for him to drop down a League or Two for him to find his level )

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