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Fan and supporter since I was 8.

Love the style, the footballing 'philosophy' and attitude of the greatest sports club on the planet. And a great fan of the real fans.

Not so sure about many of the contributors on these forums though. As they appear to have only a vague understanding - and even less experience - of football, sport or reality in general.

Still, in my adopted role as an educator/mentor and personal development facilitator, I will always do my best to help. Although, of course, I appreciate that it is not always wanted or respected.

As for the issue of debate/discussion. I don't spend too much time on here (too busy in the real world), so don't expect me to respond to (m)any of the responses to my posts. But a number of things should be noted:-

a] if you disagree with me, or I disagree with you, then there is a greater than 99% chance you are wrong.

b] I've done my research, I am not prepared to do yours for you. Don't be so lazy of thought (or deed).

c] There are just too many wrong things in the world for me to address. I cannot compensate for the: (i) lazy thinking skills of others; (ii) misguided/misinformed opinions of others or; (iii) the distorted perceptions of others.

d] The absence of an infinite amount of time and space means I cannot help everybody with everything. For which I apologise. But I have tried so I don't feel guilty for that.

However, it needs to be known, I am a polymath and an acknowledged 'genius'. That, of course, does not make me 'better' than others but it helps me understand 'stuff'' so much more profoundly.

Love you all, but I can't help being so right, so much of the time - and for that I need not apologise.

comme ci, comme ca


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