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Andrei Sergeyevich Arshavin - Make ja 606 record thread Great Again!(U4416)

member since: 23 May 2011

More about me:

I am the proud owner of #50,002, #77,777, #100,003, #130,000, #150,001, #160,000, #200,000, #220,000, #250,000 and #393,939 on the record thread!

Not-so-proud owner of #100,000 on the Spam thread!

SKA's Danish brother in arms.

Sagna once owned the record thread. Then he took an arrow in the knee.

Choice's Bengals brother.

Andrei owl vs. Kent owl

Andrei owl vs. Kent owl

And when your memory's lost on a hillside,
And a wind takes you further and forward now,
And your world is a kite in the weather,
Gently tied to your hand that is pointing out,
There's a sky in this unknown

Winner of Ludy's Champions League FIFA 12 tournament. (Kent) Barcelona 2-3 Real Madrid (Andrei)

El Dude brothers with Kent. EHHH EHHHH *arm thrust

Whatever happened to Ace Face?

Ich bin der Rattenfänger.

2011-12 Record Thread fantasy league champion <bubbly>

2012-13 Record Thread and Pro Clubs Thread fantasy league champion <bubbly>

2015 JA606 NFL Fantasy League champion <bubbly>

2016 JA606 NFL Fantasy League champion <bubbly><bubbly>

am the banter king u should know this lol


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