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The Owl 🦉 & hELLo Kitty(U1750)

member since: 18 May 2011

More about me:

Always have been, always will be.
Owls Forever.
Also known as Kitkat, Kittabelle Modesty Kittington, Kittington Owlworthy and Kitty McKitty Face.
I am definitely not a middle-aged bloke called Derek, or a pipefitter called George. I have always been a lady.

comment by Admin1 (U1)
posted 6th May 2015
Top 10 favourite users. Posters i kinda like, in strict order.

Kitty, 2 Wellies, CEF, Genius Greaves, Dot, Barry Smith, Arab, Tbone Steak, Vidischin, Anfield Rap

The Diva "made" this for me:-

\¸....¤ Kitty ¤*¨*¤.
/ \

. ^_^
/) .. )
-'' v ''-

Forza il Mercoledis !!


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