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Prediciton League Week 3 Results

The results below:

Middle Earth v Narnia ---- 46 - 45 (What an epic!)

Democratic Republic of Armenia v Papa New Guinea ----- 0-1

That one really really big country v Wales ---- match abandoned due to ants

England v New England v Old England ------ 21 - 43 - 88, guest appearance by Gary Wilmot who scored 99 with 1 arrow, therefore only 2 pts for Old England win.

Hyrule v St.Johnstone ---- 3-3 --- snowball fight used to determine winner, St.Johnstone won with 4 snowballs to 1. 2pts for St.J win.

Table looks like this:

1st - RRP 21
2nd - Edinspur 19

As you know its the Colmbarden Cup this weekend and in celebration of the 312th tournament from Slough, I will be making it double points week. Every point gained will be doubled. No need to thank me. Additionally, for every bullseye made I will add a random point somewhere.
Announced Games below, also predict a tournament winner for a bonus 6 points:

312th Colmbarden Cup (1st round)

St.Johnstone (St.Johnstone) v Link (Hyrule)
Blammy (Stevenage) v Gary Wilmot (GB)
Paul Rudd (USA) v Legolas (Middle Earth)
Aslan (Narnia) v The Archer Fish (Ocean) and Andy peters (GB)
Manuel Martinez El Haseldaar (China) v himself
Robin of Locksley (GB) v a woman (woman)

Predicitons and tournament winner by Friday please.

posted on 10/4/12

But Edin started it Dapster

I know what the secret word is, however considering my position in 1st place, i dare not concede a 10 point penalty

posted on 10/4/12

Oh please tell!

posted on 10/4/12

The old RRP would have fell for that Edin, but not now, not when i have the chance to win this Prediction League, its my destiny, my life dream, its my everything

posted on 10/4/12

to win this Prediction League,


posted on 10/4/12

I said THIS! "This" Prediction League!!

Edin -10 points for trying to get ahead by cheating

posted on 10/4/12

Stop trying to twist the rules to suit yourself

posted on 10/4/12

If you to don't calm down I'll send you both to the Rowing board.......

and no one wants that.

posted on 10/4/12

The Rowing board !!!

We will behave

posted on 17/4/12

Results are up..... Big changes!

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