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JA606 Simplified Privacy Policy – 22/05/2018


This site uses cookies. A cookie is a simple file sent to your computer by our website and (flash) applications, such as YouTube.

In most cases, the cookie will remember your preferences, so you won’t have to set them again on your next visit. We try to limit the amount of cookies set as much as we can. However particularly in the case of registered users, some cookies are necessary to facilitate user login tracking(“sessions”) and authentication(“Remember Me”)

In light of the recent GDPR law we have made a few temporary changes, such as removing ads, social sharing buttons, Google Analytics and tracking pixels embedded on this site. For the time being should you wish to share a post we encourage you to copy and paste the URL of an entry you like to share and post it manually on the social network of your choice.

Over the coming weeks we shall look to re-establish 3rd party services when their compliance is clear and will update both the site, the consent prompt and privacy policy accordingly.

Enabling and disabling cookies in your browser

You can find more information regarding enabling and disabling cookies in the Help section of your browser. Note that disabling third party cookies may interfere with playing embedded video on our site.

GDPR: Definition and Your Legal Rights

Under EU law, any data that can be used to identify people is considered personal data. It doesn’t matter whether you are an EU citizen or not. You own all data that is collected about you within the European Union. You have the legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person, the right to demand correction or deletion, and the right to withdraw your consent for their further use.

EU Privacy law has been harmonised in the General Data Protection Regulation. This guideline lists the minimal requirements for privacy. GDPR goes into effect on 25 May 2018.

You can contact us from the e-mail address associated with your registered account when you want to exercise your rights. We shall look to action such requests within a 30 day window. In the case of requested deletion of personally identifiable data, we shall delete as legally obligated which will render the registered account inactive. We will attribute the visible public content you have posted to the anonymous “Mr Unsubscrible” user for the purposes of maintaining coherent discussion threads.

What we collect and why

We suggest using the secure encrypted https version of the site https://www.ja606.co.uk for both account registration and active day to day use.

When you use register to the site, you will be sharing personal data with us. We will have your username, your email address, date of birth and your IP address. Date of birth data is used to ensure registered members are over the age of 16.

You will also be sharing your personal data with us when you post comment and articles on the site. We use this for moderation purposes and to support law enforcement activities. Other users won’t be able to see your personal information. The one exception being if a registered user explicitly chooses to share their location information using the Geo-Checkin feature. This is a clear deliberate activity which by default is disabled for registered users.

For newly registered site users together with your comment/articles and your registration form, your personal data will be shared with a trusted 3rd party service, Akismet in order to verify content is not spam. Akismet is a product made by Automattic Inc(The large owner of the very popular Wordpress platform). You can find Automattic’s privacy policy on their site. This service is crucial to site operation in order to ensure the site does not get swamped with spam bots and spam comments. For established members who have made more than 200 comments, Akismet is not used.

We don't use the data you submit to our website for anything else than moderation and won’t sell it to third parties.

Data Breaches

We realise that everything that is connected to the internet, despite best efforts, has the potential to be accessed unauthorized parties or hackers. If your data gets compromised, we will notify you immediately via this website and email those affected by the breach as soon as we can.