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WI v Australia - 2nd test.

WI doing well on what seems a difficult pitch. Aussies 3 down with 83 runs on the board.
Ponting fails again but it was a sharply rising ball.

posted on 22/4/12

I've got to continue to remind myself not to respond to chest beating idiots that come out with this following comment...............................................................................................I should be ecstatic about this? Another great bowler just strengthening our already superb bowling outfit, equalled by nobody on the planet at this time?

The above comment by chest-beater about Onions simply comfirms why other cricketing nations think of pummy's as fools with little tools..

posted on 22/4/12

Rabbit you are simply another sad Aussie fan who can only concentrate on the difficulties of other teams to avoid the pain of looking at your own. Your team is a shables, none of the attempts to find talented players, batsmen in particular, has succeeded. One of your great new bowlers Pattinson, is shown as mediocre and Cowan, Wade and Warner are not test players.
I think you should stick with Aussie rules football as no other country plays the game, you could with luck become world champions.

posted on 22/4/12

hopey.......at least they are Aussies...

posted on 22/4/12

Rabbit in the 1950's and 60's your government spent a fortune begging people to come and live there. We've never needed to stoop to begging anyone to come here. Quite the opposite, in fact we have a few hundred thousand Aussies you can have back ASAP.

posted on 22/4/12

I applaud you hopefor for wasting your time talking to that muppet
I have him tucked away in his little grey rectangle, together with that other person we do not mention, and this time they will be there to stay.
I keep getting a bad conscience, letting them out, and then hate every single word they say. That will never happen again

posted on 23/4/12

hopey.....you have missed the entire point of the 10-pound pummy....we needed extra hands on deck to get Australia where it is today, who better to ask then the olé mother country....in the 1780's your lot sent the characters who dared to steal a loaf of bread for his family in starvation.
The true hard men that carved this country into a paradise from bush & rock.....
In the 50's & 60's the people of England were lined up ready for a better life and leave behind the misery, work hard and get paid well and are now sitting back in the sun with their feet in the sand collecting the U.K pension (your taxes) with a smile from ear to ear because they can watch the ashes for free and enjoy a pint for 2-pound.....
What England should of done back in the 1780's is send all the convicts to Yorkshire and set up this paradise called OZ as a homeland for the future pummy.....but NO....that would of been to smart.. . hard luck you are stuck with it now....

As for chesty....well he is your typical pummy, who can give it, but can't take it..........I would hate to be stuck in the trenches with this yellow sod.... .

posted on 24/4/12

22 years service with the british army. 2 tours of Northern Ireland when the sheet was hitting the fan, Nambia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. Over seven years of my life in war zones, fighting or trying to keep the peace

Been anywhere near a trench rabid?

posted on 24/4/12

Hey rabid, are you boys bringing this starch fella to England? I ruddy hope so. *rubbing his hands lol

My god you boys are poor here.

You keep refering to our defeat and draw in the Sub C. Have you lot moved there too?


posted on 29/4/12

Hey!! Chesty, if you feel like a real good chuckle and some serious belly laughing.....take a look back at the comments regarding opinions on how the series between the pummy's and Pakistan will finish.... there was quite a few 4-0 by the way....... but the wrong way around....

posted on 29/4/12

Evening Rabbit
To be honest mate, I doubt that very much as most people on here know it was a three test match series?
Then again, on ja606 nothing would surprise me lol
Hope you have had a nice weekend mate

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