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Table Tennis

Was created in 1986 by Mr and Mrs Jonathon C. Flemming from the charming town of Little Avonshire in Northumberland.

It was dinner time at the Flemming household and as usual Mrs Flemming had burnt the roast and Mr Flemming was reaking of Gin. Over dinner, the usual quarrel began. The Flemmings marriage had been waning for sometime and the two seemed almost resentful of each other at this point. In a fit of rage, Mr Flemming threw a boiled potato at his spouse. Luckily she was holding a small baguette at the time and propelled it back at him. Agast Mr Flemming used his rather large hand to beat the potato thudly towards his wife, who returned and so on. After the 5th boiled potato, both had forgotten their argument and were having fun for the first time in years.

Over time this act of anger evolved into the sport we know and loved today. In the late 90s, the 'lose 3 games and be shot in the head' rule was abolished officially transforming Table Tennis from a bloodsport to a mainstream event. In 2003 the first non-gendered person won the Table Tennis World Heavyweight championship, bringing equality and tolerance to this sport. Its history has been short but rich and the future looks nothing but eventful for this art.

And as for the Flemmings? Well, they're celebrating their 30th anniversery this year and have never been happier

posted on 29/10/13

Highlights - Brechin City 3-4 Rangers

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Tottenham: Emmanuel Adebayor'unstoppable, says Tim Sherwood

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posted on 3/3/14

8bit prophecies

posted on 4/3/14

Load of balls if you ask me....

posted on 10/7/14


posted on 29/8/14

An eruption near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano that briefly threatened air travel has ended, local officials say.

posted on 7/3/16

Another abandoned ship

posted on 19/7/18

Manchester United say forward Alexis Sanchez has been given the go-ahead to join up with his team-mates in the United States.

posted on 16/4/19

Bill Weld: Trump to face 2020 Republican challenge

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