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Rangers And Miller

Afternoon Bhoys And Bears

Right before I start good news for the decent bears on here that Miller looks like he is going to buy the club Now some Bhoys are saying he is another Whyte, but bottom line is nobody knows what he is going to be like.

One thing for sure is Buying players I can say I think he will spend well with-in his means, which is going to be allot of loand deals at the right price, I can see more youth coming through the ranks which is not a bad thing.

Now Davicooper1 asked me about this but from what I hear Miller is looking to sell Ibrox and Murray park to gain some capital he is looking to lease this back, also the SPL have given him there word that Rangers will be in the SPL next season, now fair play to some bears that said they would be ok starting in the 3rd division, but bigger picture here smaller clubs would suffer, but I hope if this happens to a smaller club they take this into consideration and they don't get demoted

Players at the club I think will be Miller first thing to sort out hence again he might sell top players to gain capital, now I just hope the bears give this guy time as we are all short of this in scotland but when things are not going our way we want new players and money spent ........this is not going to happen for Rangers end of Coisty will be working I am sure with a limited budget, and will be reminded that the club nearly folded because it was run wrongly, so this guy will only spend what Rangers can aford and rightly so

Is this the right guy to take Rangers forward ? ....I think so its just going to take time which I hope the bears realize this, but its good news for Rangers and good news for scottish football

posted on 4/5/12

I couldn't care what book of fairy stories our directors follow. Apparently we also have never had a director who believes in Santa either.

How about Celtic? What books of myths do your directors follow? Presumably you've found out, seeing as it means so much to you...

posted on 4/5/12

Apparently dave king believes in pixies

posted on 4/5/12

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 4/5/12


Just went and did a bit of work there thinking the thread was dying a little and I had no more arguements to make, only to find it's taken on a new life with renewed antagonism. I'll bail out given that I must've contributed at least half of the entire thread's posts and got nowhere really. Waste of space that I am.

Ps PB - the other nutjob you referred to (i.e. moi) - still know I'd rather be a Tim (with our flaws) anyday, rather than one of you manky gets!

posted on 4/5/12

CB - Google is your friend.

Bob Brannan - Rangers Director in 1998
Paul le Guen - Manager
Gattuso, Amaruso, Albertz - RC players "worshipped" by fans.

And add to that before Mo Jo:
Catholics who signed for Rangers before Johnston include, before the end of World War I: Pat Lafferty (1886), Tom Dunbar (1891–1892), J Tutty (1899–1900), Archie Kyle (1904–1908), Willie Kivlichan (1906–1907), Colin Mainds (1906–1907), Tom Murray (1907–1908), William Brown (1912), Joe Donnachie (circa.1914–1918) and John Jackson (1917). Thereafter, Catholic players prior to Mo Johnston's signing include: Laurie Blyth (1951–1952), Don Kitchenbrand (1955–1956), Hugh O'Neill (1976), John Spencer (1985–1992)

And these are just the people I can recall from this daft question being asked previously.

Want to try & dispel more myths?

How about the oft repeated stuff from WWII that Rangers players did not sign up for the forces, but stayed at home, this being the reason that Rangers were so successful in the unofficial war years leagues (goals & goalscorers in which no one else but Celtic count as actually official). I can help with that too:


Willie Thornton (Trooper - Scottish Horse Regiment)
Donald McLatchie (Gunner - Royal Artillery)
Thomas Souter (Captain - Royal Scots Fusiliers)
Sammy Cox (Gordon Highlanders)
David Gray (served in Middle East)
Archie Macauley (Army Physical Training Corps)
Willie Paton
David Marshall
David Kinnear
'Torry' Gillick
Dr. Adam Little
Eddie Rutherford
Jimmy Galloway
Alex McKillop
Tom McKillop
Joe Johnston
Willie Knox
R. Cowan
P. Grant
A. Beattie
GDF Mackay


Chris McNee - Flight Lieutenant
Ian McPherson
Eddie Rutherford
Jimmy Simpson
Alex Stevenson


Jimmy Parlane
Billy Williamson
Bobby Brown - Petty Officer - Fleet Air Arm

So, you see, Rangers do not have the constant religious argument - that is brought up mainly by Celtic fans.

Ditto, the other myths which spring up, all by Celtic fans.

posted on 4/5/12

Thank god for that, we only want progressive, forward thinking, open and tolerant people in our support

posted on 4/5/12

Brilliant bull.... PB - there's a stage waiting for you somewhere!

posted on 4/5/12

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 4/5/12

Which Old firm team were recently castigated, found guilty and fined because of the nasty singing, chanting and general behaviour of their fans.

A wee clue... it wiznae Rangers.


posted on 4/5/12


Is that your cover name - are you really that Eddie Smith chappy who works for Strathclyde's finest who whilst acting as Match Commander appears to demonstrate only the best in selective hearing? Amazing that last Sunday's match commander at CP should fail to do the same with regards to the south east Lisbon Lions stand. Inconsistent policing/reporting be the answer to your question perhaps?

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