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Does anyone actually play?

Just out of interest does anyone on here actually play?

If so, I'd be interested to know who you guys play for.

As for me, I've played for several years progressing through the Nottingham Junior Ice Hockey club. And I currently play for Nottingham U18's A.

comment by CSTP (U1453)

posted on 16/8/11

I've never played

posted on 22/8/11

Fancy finding you here CSTP!

posted on 25/8/11

I used to be the daddy on EA Hockey on the Megadrive. Hope that helps?

comment by CSTP (U1453)

posted on 25/8/11

Heya Liq!
I like to browse random articles on here

And they don't come any more random than Ice Hockey!

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 11/9/11

I play, I used to play in Dallas for Ericsson and in the UK for Ericsson as well.

comment by Obers (U3904)

posted on 24/9/11

I melt the ice.

Im too hot

comment by Derlei (U9758)

posted on 16/10/11

I used to play but got kicked out my team, too much pucking about.

posted on 3/1/12

I was kicked out of the arcade for making my oponents knuckles bleed at air hockey

posted on 13/2/12

If you are in Nottingham you should try contacting the Phantoms once your 18th has come and gone.

posted on 4/4/14

Used to play for telford tigers

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