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Nathan Brown is an imposter

Brown left the shores of OZ without any silverware when he had a team capable of 2 premierships at least with the Dragons.....to young and to friendly with his ex team mates were the excuses.
How he got an invitation to coach in the Super-League left me shaking my head.....to date he has done little, nothing as far as silverware.
His latest jump from Huddersfield to St.Helens looks like it has come back to bite him on the backside with his Saints team coping a belting 40-4...

How Brown has made a career out of coaching to date has me dumb founded, when will they wake up to the fact he is not a top quality coach.
End of rant....cheers

posted on 3/2/13

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posted on 3/2/13

I watched the game on Sky Sports last night. Before the game I was extremely nervous for our chances of even getting into double scoring digits against such a strong team as the Saints on their turf.

But right from the off I was amazed at how "in yer face" the Giants were! Never letting Saints settle into their own game plan. Instead the Giants were ahead of the game, hardly giving away any silly penalties for almost 90% of the game.

Danny Brough was our lynchpin (as usual), but was ably supported by Lunt, Cudjoe, and my MoM, Kopczak!

It's true to say that the Giants lost some of that rugged determination in the last 5 or 10 minutes with some slack defence and letting Saints off the hook from a nilling with a simple try. I would also be a little concerned about the who should be taking the conversions in Danny's absence, as Mac was wayward with his kicks.

It should also be remembered that the Giants always open a season with a bang - 7 wins out of 8 last season before going off the boil mid-season. I'm hoping this won't be the case under Paul Anderson's watchful eye.

as for the Saints and the hapless Nathan Brown! If the players had swapped shirts before the game I would have thought this was another dire Giants performance under his uneven management. It really was THAT BAD!

comment by Joecos (U3291)

posted on 10/2/13

Hey Rabbs , Brown will prob. be given the
same chance as Royce Simmons , but
apparently they where absolutely battered
by Huddersfield, if they lose at Widnes the
knives will be out for Brown.

posted on 12/2/13

Saints will make the play offs and in KO football anything is possible.

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