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Aldridge is down, Barnes is down

Dalglish just stands there

posted 19 hours, 18 minutes ago

Any news?

posted 18 hours, 24 minutes ago

No nudes?

posted 17 hours, 12 minutes ago


posted 15 hours, 53 minutes ago

DJ is a battycrease

posted 14 hours, 30 minutes ago

Andrey Arshavin on Mesut Ozil: "As a player of course I respect him. Mesut is a world class player. But for me personally, he slows down the game. He also does not shoot enough. He always looks to pass and that makes it simple for the defense.”

Andrey Arshavin on Pepe: "Pepe is a very talented player. He is very quick and a good finisher. Already he has done well in part: maybe not as much as he could but I see the potential and he will become one of the biggest stars in the Premier League. He will be huge.”

Andrey Arshavin on Arteta: "When I go back to that time for a short period he became a captain and shown capabilities to lead and manage people. He would also always discuss how we need to play, at half-time and after the game. This showed his vision on the game.” [@888sport]

Arshavin GOAT

posted 14 hours, 23 minutes ago

Arshavin was hardly anything special himself

posted 14 hours, 21 minutes ago

Was great when he was on form.

posted 11 hours, 40 minutes ago

Sky Sports showing Mourinhos masterclass with some Spurs games this season why can't they shoe Arsenal games in which we won?

posted 11 hours, 39 minutes ago


posted 11 hours, 26 minutes ago

Sure they will at some point

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