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espn america

Had a letter last month from Sky stating that my subscription to ESPN AMERICA will finish on 31st july because BT had brought the espn channels
and had not decided weather to continue screening espn. this leaves a big gap in my viewing and I will probably get tetchy and bad tempered when I don't get my baseball fix anybody else in the same position and is there were I can get to watch some baseball? lets go mets. All Star game was ok
home run derby was good to watch

posted on 29/7/13

I am with Virgin and at the moment theres still no news on BT Sport.
It is rumoured that baseball on BT Sport.

posted on 25/8/13

Getting down to it in the race for a post season now people.
My reds are 7 ahead of Arizona now but that only gets us the one game play off, either st Louis or Pittsburgh right now.

Any news on american sports being shown? What about the college am. Football, starts this Thursday...wetting my pants!!!!!!!!

posted on 29/8/13

hey cinci-- a bit p-ssed off not being able to watch college ball will have to find it some where buckeyes to go all the way this year?

posted on 29/8/13

but the momentum is with the Reds you never know they froze last year they have probably learned to relax the pirates are 5-5 in the last ten so are the Braves a lot can happen in the last few games

posted on 30/8/13

Hey mate, yeah the reds will defo make the one game play off which is effectively a lottery, then who knows.

St Louis, Boston and the Dodgers look to be the best three in my opinion.

Yep, college started tonight, love it, Buckeyes have a fairly weak schedule so could potentially remain unbeaten, if that happens it is quite likely they will get a shot in the title game.
Others to look out for would be Louisville who could also remain unbeaten given a weak schedule with the toughest game likely the cinci bearcats, also they have teddy bridgewater, potential heismann candidate and VERY high draft pick next year.

The SEC is where the real teams are, probably the top 4 or 5 would beat louisville or the buckeyes, but they will end up beating up each other........i would say Alabama are the best again, with Texas A+M dangerous if Manziel carries on like last year......Georgia could be a dark horse to with the QB looking like an NFL QB.
I really fancy Clemson, should be a force and Tajh Boyd is very good at QB also, the downside is that they will face Georgia on Saturday, one of them will effectively be ruled out with the defeat, but the winner will be taken very seriously.

Keep track on the excellent ESPN website mate

posted on 30/8/13

I fancy Tigers but they having a bit of a wobble at moment, see brewers did you a favour last night beating the pirates. haven't look at the college scene yet
but the Clemson v Georgia game looks a good one
can't believe they gave Manziel half a game suspension it's a joke, sooners don't look strong
oregan could go all the way this year the have something to prove

posted on 30/8/13

Yeah Oregon is a mystery, some good players but minus chip Kelly, so we shall see.
Ha, the whole manziel thing is a joke, no way were they going to suspend him, the whole country is counting down the days til he faces bama again in three weeks.

posted on 31/8/13

Me thinks bama will be prepared for him, Nick Saban is a wise old owl who won't be out done a second time might be a bit of a anti climax.T A&M doing alright without Johnny. The Reds suffered in the 4th & 7th innings last night thought they would beat the Rockies last night. Mets on a roll 2 on the run must be on drugs,

posted on 31/8/13

Reds just cannot get going at all on offense.

Will be lucky to make the legit play off after the one game play off at this rate, we have no real spark.

I have put up a footy thread on the am. football page for anyone who may look in, very slow page though,

posted on 31/8/13

Buckeyes blasted um in the first quarter easy on know
good stretch of the legs for the first game who's the toughest game they have got this season. attendance
103.980 awesome man u eat your hearts out

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