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Taylor a cheat?

Hadn't seen this myself at the time and unsure if it's already been mentioned but the article below is Eric Bristow calling Taylor a cheat. During his Gibraltar Darts Trophy match with Dean Winstanley, he needed double 12 to check out and he missed. The announcer didn't pick up on it so called it as in. Taylor then walked up to the darts, looked at them and then took them out and walked back for the next leg.

Should he have admitted it was out? guess it's like cricket when we ask if a batsman should walk if they know they are out but haven't been called it. Taylor for me is a little arrogant, albeit some may say deservedly so but this is poor form - even if he would have won the match comfortably.

Taylor admittedly did offer a rematch but that isn't possible so could not be done.


posted on 24/7/13


Normally if there's been a miscount, the player will wait for the scorer to acknowledge the mistake, so I'm not sure why that hasn't happened in this case.

In fairness to Phil, he's normally one of the first to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with the scorer when an error has occurred.

It's a bit low that that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Also a bit of a surprise to see Eric turning on Phil.

posted on 24/7/13

I was shocked as well. In a match where he'd fancy winning by a few legs anyway I don't think that leg was a do or die one which may have lead to him not correcting the scorer. Poor, poor form.

posted on 24/7/13

I thought Bristow got on much better with him than that?

But you're right it's poor-form.

Plus- how can Taylor say he was "unaware"? That's total lies as surely when he walked up to pick it out he realised it was clearly out?

Lost a lot of respect for him.

posted on 26/7/13

It is possible he did not know it missed. Once the caller says game shot Taylor isnt going to inspect the dart position as he goes to take them out. He was probably talking to the caller as he walked up and you dont have to look at the darts as you take them out.

99% of the time a player would be fully aware, but lets give Taylor the benefit of the doubt and say he is a 1 percenter.

posted on 27/7/13

I don't think you can cheat your way to 16 world titles.

however, Taylor DID cheat in Gibraltar.

I don't even play pub standard, just at home with my mates, and we never call a shot that aint in, ever.

for a man of Taylors standing and experience to "miss" a call like this is unbelievable.

he cheated, pure and simple.

he must of known when he went to retrieve his darts, how could you not?

lost a lot of respect for Phil now.

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