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Are you not a little concerned?

I'm not here to gloat (much) because despite a VERY important win for us today, we're still in transition and far from the finished article. I'm not getting carried away.

But after 11 games, you've already lost 4 in the league and are now below United, even though you whacked us in the derby and we've been rather poor most of the season so far.

The general consensus is that City are playing good football and United aren't........and yet we've had a tougher set of fixtures and are still above you tonight. And you spent 3 times what we did in summer.

4 defeats in the league already and 1 in the champions league too.

Is it good enough?

posted on 2/4/19

It was like Arsenal game 2 gifts to opposition and we miss a hatful of chances and the pundits and ABU fans laugh at us when it was another one sided game we should win but lost. Nuno knows Wolves have to rely on luck to beat us and they were completely outplayed and got a winner without creating anything.

posted on 3/4/19

comment by Posh Mufc Great Hafi Not Arrogant Just Better (U6578)
posted 9 hours, 47 minutes ago
Expected goals shows us winning and stats and chances wise we should have easily won.
What were the stats on goals scored/ goals conceded?

posted on 25/4/19

Hafi, are you confident of a top 6 finish?

posted on 25/4/19

Boris. Hopefully I can finish top 1. https://twitter.com/millesports/status/1121472751599009792

I think there is more chance of me winning these days then Man Utd finishing 1st in the PL. Anyway Europa League ain't all bad. I actually enjoyed our Europa League winning season more than most of our CL campaigns.

posted on 25/4/19

Top 6 was done ages ago Boris for Man Utd. I am actually pleased we are doing well on expected goals way of things. That means we are more likely to win overall longer term.

posted on 5/5/19

Exciting times ahead for United.

Who wouldn't want to travel to Kazakhstan, Moldova or Albania on a Thursday night.

posted on 5/5/19

Man Utd need far too many shots to score.

posted on 13/5/19

Hey Stretty, how's the transition going?

posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Are you still in transition stretty ?
Taking longer than Caitlyn Jenner

I’m getting a tad concerned
Ayew ?

posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

I'm concerned about Hafi.

Death by numbers.

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