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English Cricket Hits Its Lowest Ebb

This time last year England were heading into the summer Ashes having beaten a strong Indian outfit away from home. They suffered a setback away at New Zealand, but regained the Ashes series at home, despite many feeling the win papered over the cracks within the team.

Well, regardless of what anyone says, from then on, nobody would have expected the next six months to turn out in the manner in which they have.

It has gone from the ridiculous, to the absolute clueless to a complete and utter humiliation of it can not get worse than this.

English cricket has a great pool of talent, which is not being managed properly and before it is too late it will wipe out a generation of talent- thus affecting the future of English cricket. People will hold various thoughts on who should and should not come back, but first and foremost those sitting higher up must go. In addition, England need to revitalise and take a fresh mind-set going into the summer.

Sacrifices need to be made. There are a number of players within the Test, ODI and T20 team that need to be shown the door (Some for now, other permanently). New coaches need to brought in because the current one's will continue with the current philosophy, which now, unfortunately is out of date and needs freshening up.

There is an immense array of talent within England, some we are aware of Ben Stokes, others James Taylor, Jamie Overton, who are being thrown around like nothing. Build with these players because England's future is at stake here and these players are the future.

posted on 31/3/14

Yet you know the board will still appoint Giles!

posted on 1/4/14

Tbh I wouldnt even look at the players for now. the whole management need to be shown the door. including that giles clarke. They have made a mess of all this.

English dressing room is slowing coming and saying KP did nothing wrong. So it seems its only cook, broad and prior had problems with KP.

posted on 1/4/14

Cook is a waste of space as a captain and Broad is to far up his own a$s to realise he is more of a problem for England than KP

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