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Hey cinci, how about them Royals 10 in a row and just beat the tigers in Detroit and top of the division now, have you been to see them yet??.
the Reds are having a average season,There doesn't seem to be any stand out team at the moment Bluejays are a surprise, Mets same as usual

posted on 16/7/14

Hey mate, didn't see this til now, not been on the baseball board for some time, mother was here and so on.

KC are doing alright, reckon around the same as last year 80-85 wins.

Reds look good all of a sudden but have a dearth of injuries, still, 8 over .500 at last and Billy Hamilton has been outstanding, batting .285 so far and stolen 38 bases.

Same old mets

posted on 19/7/14

glad ASG week is over get down to watching some proper baseball, reds are getting caned by Yankees at moment. only just had quick look at the trial involving NCAA will read it later do you think it will effect college sport in a good or bad way do you think all the money could leave the smaller schools with very little money and maybe to give up certain sports because of lack of funds

posted on 19/7/14

Yeah twas watching the reds after my footy game, a rare chance to see them and its not pretty.

Not really followed the NCAA thing, its a real tough one, but inevitable i guess, the big schools won't bat an eyelid but smaller ones could struggle long term, we will probably end up with a smaller division overall.

posted on 22/7/14

There doesn't look any outstanding teams so far only Oakland seem to be put a good run in, watched some games and there seems something lacking only the A's games seem to be lively. there's not much on the trade scene.

posted on 19/8/14

hey buddy, you interested in doing a fantasy thing with the nfl, we are one short on the thread for it.

Only a draft and then thats it, low maintenance.

If so just pop on the nfl fantasy thread and let the boys know

posted on 30/10/14

So here we are, game seven of the world series, unbelievable.

Hope they win it mind.

posted on 6/8/17

Aberdeen began their Scottish Premiership campaign with a deserved victory over Hamilton Academical.

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