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Simply not good enough?

The general opinion appears to be that all we need is a coach to fine tune a few things and hey presto we will storm up the table and all things will be good.

Well maybe the problem is not the coach and it's simply that the players brought in are not good enough? Time will tell but the early indications are that despite bringing in so many players we are no further forwards in terms of points than we have been in the past few seasons.

Take a look at the statistics. Footstats have Leeds 23rd in average number of shots per game. I am actually surprised we are that high. In addition we are 21st in corners won.

I have no doubt that we are playing a better style of football than we have of late. Keeping the ball on the ground is the way forwards and should be encouraged but it's one thing tapping the ball around your own half-way line and another doing it in the final third to create something. At times we pass for passing sake and go nowhere. We simply do not get enough players in forwards positions and the ball ends up back on the halfway line. Opposition managers have already worked out that if they get their players to work hard off the ball we won't hurt them.

At the other end we fold under pressure. If a side can gather momentum and put us under pressure then we struggle. No apparent leader. What do the stats say- well we are in 1st place. Teams are having more shots against us than anybody else.

Both the stats and my eye suggest we are nothing more than a powderpuff tappy team that struggled at both ends of the field. The way out of this division is playing percentage of football. Turning the opposition defence, working the channels and getting decent balls in to the opposition box. The great Howard Wilkinson knew how but he had the players to go with a plan. I wonder whether we do?

The worrying aspect is that a lot of these lads were given 4 year deals and we are either stuck with them or face another expensive cull come the end of season. I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that we can still make the top half finish that I had us targeted for this season.

posted on 26/10/14

comment by Hello and welcome to JA606, I'm Lubo, in the news this week.. (U14008)
posted 57 minutes ago
The bottom line is, if we have the ball then the opposition doesnt. I'm fine as long as we keep the ball.

Speechless to be honest on this one.

posted on 26/10/14

I'm not saying the system is perfect, I have said throughout the season that we need more incision

posted on 26/10/14

We can't keep possession! We are constantly the side with less than 50% possession and we are supposedly playing possession football!

Shaun, you say you are impressed with all the signings apart from Berardi. Then only say two have looked consistently impressive.

We also haven't seen two of the signings at all. So how can you be impressed by them?!

Like I said only 2 maybe 3 look good enough to really stand out as promotion contenders

posted on 26/10/14

Kebab legs, once again I disagree with you and this k u are missing the point.

Players are good apart from Berardi.

Tactics are what has hampered us.

That's it,

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 26/10/14

People keep saying the signings are impressive yet they've failed to perform under 3 different coaches now.

We have 1 or 2 decent signings out of 15, would have much rather had quality over quantity.

Good article Kebab, 5 stars from me.

posted on 26/10/14

comment by Mike Forza Leeds (U15513)
posted 47 minutes ago
Kebab legs, once again I disagree with you and this k u are missing the point.

Players are good apart from Berardi.

Tactics are what has hampered us.

That's it,

Three different managers have picked largely the same players so clearly you think we are picking the right ones.

So you are sure that it is purely down to tactics that the side is lucky to have 16 points and sit in 18th place. Statistics can lie but surely you are worried about the ones I posted? Clearly in one game shots are often incidental and it's the quality of chances you need rarer than a load of pot shots from distance but over 14 games we are absolutely massively the worst side out there for shots for and against. No other side comes close.

There are plenty of players who admit to not listening to team talks or managers n the sidelines so are tactics that important? Put 11 great players on a pitch with no manager against 11 not so great ones with a great a manager and it's obvious who will win.

Once again I hope I am so wrong. I hope redfearn can get the wins needed and I hope in time some of these players take the club forwards but right now I can't see how any leeds fan is not worried about who the players putting on the white shirt are.

posted on 26/10/14

Great article

For me the problem is the same as it's been since Gradel left. We have no pace or width.

I don't think its that we have bad players, but without an outlet, they suffer. They try to play the ball forward, lose position due to not having a proper outlet and then the defence comes under pressure again.

Silvestre has been good. I think Antenucci and Doukara have shown they have talent and will improve. The rest haven't shown much for me.

posted on 26/10/14

Shots on goal is largely dependent on tactics not players.

posted on 26/10/14






Cook (he's like a new signing)

Cooper (looked good when played)

posted on 27/10/14

First thing I'd do if I was Redders is appoint another Captain, cos Pearce ain't Captain material.

Then I'd go back to putting Antennucci and Duke back together as strikers up front.

Then I'd have a beer and contemplate my navel while wondering why we aren't putting more shots on goal.

After about 10 seconds of thought, I'd come up with the obvious solution that others should'ave obviously thought of as it was obvious what was obviously missing in an obvious stat.

I'd give permission for the midfield to take more pot shots from edge of area, it'd be the obvious solution.

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