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Games with Gold - March

For the month of March Microsoft are allowing Xbox One players to get their hands on Rayman Legends this month.
This 2D platform game has earned some very good reviews, averaging 9/10 across all platforms. I haven't played this so will be looking forward to anyone else's views on the game.

For Xbox 360 users this month sees 2 AAA games given away (yes they are both 2 years old now) for the 1st 15 days of March the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider is given away for free. Again I haven't played this so can't comment on the game, it received good reviews overall with an average review of 85%.

The 2nd half of the month will see Bioshock Infinite given away for free. Now this game I played and felt like it had every ingredient I would want in a game, it just didn't grab me when i was playing it for some reason. I then lent my copy to a friend and can't remember who that was. I am now looking forward to starting this game over again and hopefully will be drawn into the game and lose many hours. Again this game was very well received in reviews averaging out around 95%.

In addition to this, 2 recent announcements have been made by MS, the 1st is concerning April Games with Gold which will see 4 games given away on the Xbox 360 and 2 games on the Xbox One, doubling the amount of free games for that month.

The 2nd announcement is for Xbox 360 gamers only, you will now be able to register a copy of the free Xbox One game each month through your 360 console, then if you ever upgrade to the Xbox One these games will be available for you to download and install. (you have been able to do this through the website but now this option is on your 360 console)

posted on 6/3/15

Thanks for this article. I downloaded Tombraider last night as I'd never played it and wouldn't have even looked without this being posted.

posted on 6/3/15

Ivan - No problem, I've noticed Amigawolf does a great job of providing the Playstation news and felt Xbox users needed something.

If it helps 1 person not miss out on a free game then it's worth it

Let me know what Tomb Raider is like, I'm still battling through Dragon Age before I start a different game.

posted on 14/3/15

I just got an Xbox one last week and downloaded Rayman. If you like old school platformers you'll love it. It's a huge game with some cracking inventive touches. Things like the mariachi level where it's a race against time hitting notes to the tune whose name I don't know but if you're familiar at all with Kill Bill. The Crazy 88's??? rings a bell

I also got a game from ebay on download code. it was an old free game on xbox one. Max and the curse of brotherhood. Best 6 quid I ever spent

Very intelligent game, Platform game of sorts but with puzzles which get progressively harder thru the game

I'll admit I had to youtube a few times when stuck

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