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Gran Premio de Espana 2016 Race Thread

Ladies and gentlepeople’s, you have begged and pleaded for the return of my critically acclaimed race threads and I have bowed to your requests and welcome you all to the Barcelona GP race thread. Thread is brought to you by the “Tin Foil Hat Brigade" – Never leave home without it.

So, F1, new season, 4 races in and Britney is running away with the championship. The Karate Kid unfortunately has had some bad luck which has led to some people (I call them idiots) proposing a conspiracy. This is nonsense. Hamilton is a 3 time world champion and responsible for Mercedes’ 2 titles. They would not screw their world champion and remember Rosberg is out of contract this season. So please, please, shut up.

So, where were we? Ah yes! The race thread; as usual, you can go to www.formula1.com to get all the race info, track is abrasive so expect a few pit stops and also overtaking is notoriously difficult but the addition of the third tyre has really spiced up racing this year and Ferrari are a dark horse for this race as they manage their tyres very well.

Kvyat has been demoted to Torro Rosso so Seb is safe for now as is the rest of the grid. Somewhere in crasher paradise, Maldonado chuckles and gives Kvyat a thumbs up.

So let us get started;

Race Details

Practice 1
Fri: 09:00 – 10:30
Practice 2: Fri 13:00 – 14:30
Practice 3: Sat 10:00 – 11:00

Sat: 13:00 – 14:00
Race: Sun - 13:00 – 15:00

Tyre Choices per Team

Some memories from the past including the supreme Schumi driving his Benetton stuck in 5th Gear and finishing second including a pit stop without stalling. The GOAT, Senna, pah! I laugh at your Senna!


You can also play our prediction game at www.zdkf1.com , add JA606 to your nickname so we can win the trophy for the forum.

So what do we expect this weekend?
1. A return to form for our world champion?
2. Another car failure for him?
3. Another cool win for Britney?
4. Another spectacular crash from the second coming of Maldonado (Kvyat)

Thread Rules
1. Wumming is expected and welcomed
2. Tin foil hat cospiracies will result in an instant ban

Tune in and enjoy

Live @ http://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewLiveArticle/343461

posted on 15/5/16

comment by mikeyboson619 (U12659)
posted about a minute ago
I do think there is a difference between squeezing someone off / towards the edge of the track when going round a slower corner and doing the same thing when travelling along a fast straight. The main difference being that, in the latter, there is generally more chance of a bigger accident, as we saw today.

Just my humble opinion...

And a good win by Verstappen.

Agreed. Especially when you are nowhere near the racing line

Nico should have let him through, he would have run wide on the corner and do the switchback

posted on 15/5/16

No penalties for the Mercedes boys

posted on 15/5/16

Good interview from Lewis, Mercedes have manages this well

posted on 15/5/16

Waiting for Nico

posted on 15/5/16

Lauda's comment that "Hamilton was too aggressive.."" is bluddy laughable.

Well, wasn't Rosberg too aggressive when he passed Hamilton after the start?

So it would have been alright for Hamilton to push Rosberg off the track rather than concede the position?

There you saw the difference between a racing driver and a brat.

As I say, laughable. Surprised and disappointed in Lauda's mealy-mouthed weasel words. I thought he was above that.

posted on 15/5/16

Rosberg came across like a right tozser in his interview and showed once again what he did wad premeditated

posted on 15/5/16

Anyone got a link to the interviews?

posted on 15/5/16

Here you go


posted on 15/5/16

I wonder if Hamilton ahad been in No6 and Rosberg in No44, would that have been a case of "causing an avoidable accident"?



posted on 15/5/16

Cheers MUDD & POB.

Must say Hamilton comes out the better of the two.

IMHO It was an avoidable accident and Mr Rosberg was in the wrong.
On saying that, Lewis was a bit hasty. Then again what F1 driver is not?

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