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Singapore GP Race Thread

Ladies and Gents, hello and welcome to the Singapore GP race thread brought to you by a variety of anti-perspirants. The longest race of the year and one of the toughest in terms of car management as it is a challenge to cool the car in the boiling conditions. Due to me being lazy, you can find all you want from www.formula1.com, cannot be bothered to copy and paste today.

The championship lead has reduced significantly and we have moved to the fly away races towards the end of the season and the RedBulls and Ferraris could potentially threaten the mercs for the remaining races bar Malaysia and Mexico.

Unlike the borefest that is Monaco, overtaking is possible here.

After this race there will be 6 races to go and I anticipate Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi will mix up the top of the grid but anticipate Mercedes dominance in Malaysia, USA and Mexico.

October 2 - Malaysia
October 9 - Japan
October 23 - USA
October 30 - Mexico
November 13 - Brazil
November 27 - Abu Dhabi

There’s a quiz here to do if you are so inclined; http://www.formula1.com/en/latest/features/2016/9/the-big-quiz-singapore.html

Fri 16 September 2016
Practice 1 11:00 - 12:30
Practice 2 14:30 - 16:00
Sat 17 September 2016
Practice 3 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00
Sun 18 September 2016
Race 13:00

Thread Rules
1) Creative wumming is welcome
2) Calling anyone a fanboy will result in an immediate ban
3) Posting opinions not backed up with facts will result in mockery
4) Whining about being mocked will result in more mockery
5) Posting wild conspiracy theories is welcome, the wilder the better

So without further ado, start typing!!!

Live @ http://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewLiveArticle/352682

posted on 15/9/16

Thanks admin 1

posted on 17/9/16

Superb lap from Nico


posted on 17/9/16

I wonder if they've stopped sharing data! Great lap from Rosberg. Hamilton needs to take advantage of his softer tyre off the line to have any chance of beating Ricciardo, let alone his team mate.

posted on 17/9/16

Damage limitation again. Max and Daniel will be dangerous of the line.

I see a pile up in the first corner

posted on 17/9/16

Calling it now.

Hamilton will ram into the back of Rosberg within the first 3 corners.

He's had too good of a season. He's due a cock-up

posted on 17/9/16

I can see a safety car skewing the result. If Hamilton and Rosberg lose sync on stops and the safety car comes out, there could be some interesting team radio with one being asked to move over!

posted on 18/9/16

If Hamilton does not get past ricciardo at the start and nico disappears. He'll have serious momentum

posted on 18/9/16


We will be in uncharted waters if Rosberg does manage to win. He has never been in the ascendancy this late in a season, so from a neutral standpoint it will be interesting to see whether Hamilton would be able to handle that sort of pressure!

posted on 18/9/16

Just when you think the race is over, it wakes back up! I'd love to see the top 4 going hammer and tongs at the end.

posted on 18/9/16

Should be a great end to the season

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