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Gameweek 10 - FPL


Gameweek 10:

West Brom 1-3 Bournemouth
(Jesus : Messi (2), Douglas Costa)

Watford 2-1 Burnley
(Costa, Sane : Mertens)

Swansea City 1-3 Crystal Palace
(Kane : Ibrahimovic (2), Ronaldo)

Sunderland 2-1 Hull City
(Robben, Belotti : Dzeko)

Stoke City 1-2 Middlesbrough
(Reus : Hazard, Sanchez)

posted on 16/3/17

West Brom v Bournemouth

Injuries appear to have hit the home side and Godin will undoubtedly be a welcome addition back into the side. I think they could do with a bit more creativity in the middle of the park and someone that could maybe add a bit more in terms of goal scoring threat as this is the only area they seem to be lacking with what is a very strong defence and solid overall side. Bournemouth have creativity in abundance with Messi and Costa causing havoc on the flanks. Firmino’s drop off in form in RL would be a slight concern although he does dovetail well with his South American counterparts in attack. Carrick being the main player to improve on for the visitors as he struggled with the physical battle in midfield with Wanyama shouldering most of burden in what was a physical encounter. The difference in quality of attack proved the difference as Bournemouth took the points.

West Brom 0 - 1 Bournemouth

Watford v Burnley

Watford are one of the favourites for the title and rightly so. Solid throughout with no obvious weaknesses and in their current form they will take some stopping. The middle of the park is where their key strength lies with Kante in irresistible form and proving a key player in this encounter. I feel improvements could be made at the back and in goal. Pepe’s looming departure to China will be an obvious of area of concern and it would not surprise me if Costa will to follow suit in the summer. Burnley are building steadily and a change in formation to 3 at the back would of undoubtedly served them well in this contest. A solid defence will make them hard to beat and some star players in attack will mean they are always a threat. The right hand side of the Burnley team and Castro would be my main areas of focus for improvement. In today’s contest I felt the home side had the extra quality with Kante doing a superb job of marshalling de Bruyne which ultimately hampered the Burnley attack.

Watford 2 - 1 Burnley
Alli, Sane : Mertens

Swansea City v Crystal Palace

I like the change in formation for Swansea with O.Dembele brought back into the side. Hummels was also a welcome addition to shore up the defence and I felt Kane would cause a lot of problems to the Palace defence. Meyer would be my main player to improve for Swansea however they will undoubtably be stronger once Van Dijk returns from injury with a solid defence giving them a nice platform. For the visitors I think Cb still remains an issue with D Sanchez just not yet quite up to the standard required in the league, Cazorla’s long term absence will unfortunately begin to affect his rating however they have a solid attack and I think Pulisic will only continue to rise. Hard to separate the two sides but that extra bit of star quality in attack just swung it in the visitors favour.

Swansea City 1 - 2 Crystal Palace
Kane : Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo

Sunderland v Hull City

Sunderland continue to improve and I really like the look of that midfield, Vidal and Modric adding some real star quality to what is a solid side. I think the cb’s and goalkeeper could however be improved as they really struggled against the dynamic attack of the visitors. Barzagli in particular I could envisage struggling in a 2 with him being much more accustomed to playing in a back 3, Dzeko gave him a real tough afternoon. For the visitors I really like the attack and Marcelo is an excellent addition with him being the best attacking LWB in the business for me. They look solid in defence but ultimately struggled against the quality that Sunderland possessed in the middle of the park. Very entertaining game in which I couldn’t separate the sides with a draw a fair result.

Sunderland 2 - 2 Hull City
Belotti, Modric : Dzeko, Dybala

comment by Hodgey (U1271)

posted on 16/3/17

West Brom 1-2 Bournemouth
Dembele ------- Messi
-------------------- Thiago

West Brom are a work in process but are simply not as good as this Bournemouth side. The away team look solid in almost every area (GK aside) and dominated the game. Bournemouth's midfield is perfectly balanced and the front three are all lethal, and West Brom had problems dealing with all of them.


Watford 1-0 Burnley

Watford are the team to beat at the moment and found a way to win against stubborn opposition. Burnley have a strong defence but Henrichs is comparatively weaker, and Sane enjoyed some joy against him today. de Sciglio also sticks out in comparison to the rest of Watford's defence, but Mertens experienced less joy. Burnley's right side is in need of improvement, whereas the only bone to pick with Watford is de Sciglio.


Swansea City 1-1 Crystal Palace
Kane -------------- Ronaldo

This was a tight game that Marky may be slightly miffed he didn't win. Swansea looked much better with Hummels back in defence, and he marshalled Ibrahimovic well. Bakayoko was an inspired purchase and complements Cazorla perfectly, but Alonso and Gueye held their own. Going forward, Kane tormented Davison Sanchez and that was ultimately where the points were lost for Palace as, for all their attacking potency, Kane was given far too much room against their defence.


Stoke City 0-1 Middlesbrough
------------------- Nainggolan

Stoke continue to miss Suarez as Middlesbrough just edged this tie. The visitors are looking like a balanced unit, with only Bender really sticking out as an area in need of urgent improvement. Stoke's midfield looked disjointed and could not truly capitalise on Bender's weakness, and the in-form Nainggolan was the difference, notwithstanding the plethora of attacking talent on display for both sides.

posted on 17/3/17

WBA vs B'mouth

Albion Pros: Good keeper, good front-man, strong midfield
Albion Cons: The Name, They just seem to be missing something

B'Mouth Pros: Very strong back-line, Very good front three

B'Mouth Cons: only one really and that's Carrick - But in a 3 can see it working

WBA 1-2 B'Mouth
Messi x2


Watford vs Burnley

Watford Pros: to a man a solid XI, Goals from all of the front 4,

Watford Cons: None that really impact my decision but look to improve on Pepe and Reina, maybe add more depth

Burnley Pros: Best back line in the league, KDB and Kun's natural chemistry

Burnley Cons: Heaton? team looks a bit too narrow, other than that they're all set

Watford 2-2 Burnley
Aguero, KDB


Swansea vs Palace

Swans Pro's: Kane's a legitimate goalscorer,Hummels adds alot tot he defence

Swansea Con's: Other than Kane lack a real match-winner, I'd play Gilfy over Meyer

Palace Pro's: Bags of firepower, well stocked with gamechangers.
Palace Con's: not saying he's poor but Sanchez stands out

Swans 1-2 Palace
Zlatan, Ronaldo

Stoke vs Boro

Stoke Pros: Strong at CM, Love the front three
Stoke Cons: Is Guerriero a FB, I though he was a CM?

Boro Pros: Strongest XI in the league, a lot of goals in that front 4..Buffon

Boro Cons: Not sure on Bender or Alonso and at time Alves - I like you're side a lot, just unfortunate I think you're weakest at FB and Stoke are strong on the wings

Stoke 1-0 Boro

posted on 17/3/17

West brom 1 Bournemouth 2
Think Bournemouth have that little xtra in attack for the West brom defence to handle. Bournemouth desperately need to improve on Carrick. West brom look a well balanced side but I wouldn't play Coman on the right.

Swansea 1 Palace 2
Have to give the edge to palace. I really like the Palace from 4 and the two DM's compliment each other well. Swansea should look to bring in a better attack mid to play behind Kane.

Sunderland 2 Hull 1
Close match to call but I had to give the edge to Sunderland. Really rate their 3 CM's. Hull need to improve on Mascherano in CM.

Stoke 0 Boro 1
Have to give this one to Boro as can't see any real weaknesses. Stoke put up a good fight with their front three but think their defence and midfield would struggle.

posted on 17/3/17


Both extremely difficult to separate. Both have excellent all round sides and nobody could find that killer goal to win the game, if they would, for me it would be cruel on the losing side. Both need a GK improvement. De Sciglio sticks out in the home side really whereas Castro does in the away side and maybe Guedes, but not worth replacing just yet.

Score: 1-1


A high scoring game where the away side just come out on top against the home side. Swansea are improving, but I think need to replace Alonso sharpish and Antonio sticks out, but a much improved defence regardless of the score. The game was won in midfield as the away side just have the stronger midfield really. Need to improve upon Valencia, in goal and another top CB needed in place of the current 2 for me.

Score: 2-3


Width making all the difference in this game as the home side just edge the win. Really like the spine of the away side and the way the formation suits the players, but that extra man out wide against a narrow formation made all the difference in this one. Hull for me lack a bit of fire power up top, creativity is there in abundance, but finishing ability is what they need. If I'm honest, you swap both strikers around in these respective sides and you've got a draw for me. Sunderland may need to look to replace a couple of aging players, but as usual a good balance of youth and experience. The individual for me is Adler, Rabiot I like but not near the other 2 midfielders, but not worth replacing yet.

Score: 2-1


Very difficult to separate both sides yet again, goes down as a draw for me. Stoke need more of a recognised CF than Reus, who albeit world class, needs to be LW and Coutinho AM and not such a flat midfield 3 for me either. But a top general side. Middlesbrough are the favourites for me, if they had stronger full backs to cope with the wide men of Stoke they would have just sneaked it for me and maybe a more natural AM, even though Draxler is a top player, he's operating more as a LW nowadays and naturally has been. So full back and AM for them. Close game.

Score: 1-1

comment by Hero (U13436)

posted on 17/3/17

WBA v Bournemouth

+ Nice balance to the central trio
+ Hector a good addition at LB
- Feels a little toothless upfront
- Looks suspect on the right

+ Strong trio behind the striker
+ Nice balance to CBs
- Firmino up front for me not good enough
- Carrick not pulling the strings quite like he used to

Overall a tough game, both sides have excellent midfields but perhaps lacking in a central figure point up front. The quality of Messi just tips it towards Bournemouth.

WBA 1 – 2 Bournemouth
Jesus --------------- Messi
----------------------- Costa

Swansea v Palace

+ Left flank dramatically improved
+ Kane prior to RL injury was in electric form
- Not keen on right flank
- Lindelof needs a move in RL to prove himself

+ Trio of Silva/Ronaldo/Ibra going to cause problems for most teams
+ FBs been excellent in RL this season
- Fairly weak CBs compared to other teams
- Not as struck on Bakayoko of late

Overall if Hummels had a better partner in defence I could see them holding out for a draw but I rate Palace’s attack v Swansea’s defence slightly higher than I do in reverse however much I love Dembele.

Swansea 1 – 2 Palace
Dembele -------------- Ronaldo
---------------------------- Ibra

Sunderland v Hull

+ Great pairing in CM
+ Belotti in great form still in RL
- Personally don’t think Rabiot is needed in that midfield
- Side will need work in season 2 when they go into care home

+ Chemistry maxed out
+ Attack much better balanced now
- Should trade me Marcelo
- May get swamped in midfield

Overall a hard game to call, always love the Hull team and they’re doing everything right but the midfield pair of Sunderland despite my attempts to nab them is hard to criticise. My one point would be is that Rabiot is redundant in it and it’d be much improved with a Alli or De Bruyne in front of them.

Sunderland 2 – 2 Hull
Robben ------------- Dybala
Belotti ---------------- Berardi

Stoke v Boro

+ Gagliardini had a much better game this week in RL
+ Martinez has been excellent too this season
- Cech/Varane/Gundogan all have to have RL form taken into account
- Missing Suarez upfront

+ Very solid throughout the side
+ Going to score against anyone
- Not a fan of either FB
- Bender isn’t cutting it for me

Stoke have too many players that currently in RL are struggling, Cech’s not been himself, Varane’s not getting much game time and Gundogan is out for the season. Hard to pick holes in Boro of late but those flanks look suspect and this is Stoke's biggest strength.

Stoke 1 - 1 Boro
Reus ------- Hazard

posted on 18/3/17

Watford 2-1 Burnley
Silva, Costa ; KDB

The home side just had the stronger side for me here with less weaknesses. I'd prefer Iniesta not so deep, not sure on the mix with Alli there. I'd be looking to improve on Castro and Guedes if I was Burnley.

Swansea 1 - 2 Palace
Kane ; Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic

The away team just had more class for me here. The home side have a strong defence, and quality all over, but they lacked the quality that Palace have in attack. I've said I'm not a fan of Siggy, but I'd still put him over Meyer, still think a top attacking midfielder would make the difference for me.

Sunderland 1-0 Boro

Gave the win to the Sunderland here as I think they have more class in the side. The cm trio for the home team is the best in the league for me and Belotti adds a more proven goalscorer up top. Maybe ignorance on my part but not sure if Caldara is at the level of the league yet.

Stoke 2-3 Boro
Reus, Coutinho ; Hazard (2), Sanchez

No obvious weaknesses in the Boro side, while I think Hazard and Sanchez would be too much for the Stoke full backs. With Suarez back could've been a different story but thought Boro just had more quality here. I think the away side would be better with a stronger dm, playmaker over Draxler.

posted on 18/3/17

West Brom 0 vs 0 Bournemouth

Both lacked a quality striker adept at leading the line. Firmino wasted chances and Jesus was isolated. Need better attackers.

Watford 3 vs 3 Burnley

Lack of a real presence in midfield for Burnley, They should try and improve on Castro and Casemiro as both struggled to get a hold of Alli. Iniesta proved to be too much of a lightweight to deal with De Bruyne, who got the run on him throughout the match.

Sunderland 0 vs 2 Hull City

I think Hull's new attacking outlook is very positive, with Marcelo and Hysaj providing good service to Dzeko, and Dybala and Berardi doing a lot of the legwork that the Bosnian may struggle with.

Stoke 0 vs 3 Boro

Boro have a lethal attack, and Stoke struggled to stamp their authority on today's game. They need to imprve their options in central midfield.

posted on 19/3/17

just incase i sleep past the deadline ill post scores so you arent waiting for me and put feedback later on

West Brom 0-2 Bournemouth
Messi x2

Watford 1-1 Burnley
Costa; Mertens

Swansea City 0-1 Crystal Palace

Sunderland 1-1 Hull City
Robben; Dzeko

comment by Marky (U19443)

posted on 19/3/17

West Brom 2-2 Bournemouth
Carrasco, Coman; Messi, Firmino

Not a lot to separate these two other than Messi, I just feel home advantage would inspire West Brom to get at least a point today. Very similar sides in the other 10 positions.


Watford 2-2 Burnley
Sane, Costa; Mertens, Aguero

A tremendous game, both with brilliant sides, couldn't separate them as both have some world class players.


Sunderland 2-2 Hull
Vidal, Belotti; Dzeko, Dybala

Love Tino's side but the 3-4-3 was unnecessary IMO, going toe to toe with Sunderland would have been enough. Sunderland strong enough to get at least a draw today with their midfield.


Stoke 1-1 Middlesbrough
Reus; Aubameyang

I think home advantage, and Stoke's defence and midfield three is enough to frustrate Middlesbrough today, plus with Stoke's front three on the counter they're able to create some chances themselves.

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