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Slack TOWN 0-3 Cardiff City.

Remember Friday nights !
A Gallon of , Walk home,Sat with Fish & chips tuned into..
"Appointment with FEAR"
Burping & farting all the way through, Then going to bed,
FLAYED. leaving the light off for maximum effect going up the stairs

Well th'all be more flayed after you've read this !
Current form, very important this chaps (& UTG ) !
Guess who occupy the top four spots ?
This is over the last 8 games played :- (in Order)
1st. Sheff Wed, 6-1-1 = 19pts
2nd, Reading, 6-0-2 = 18pts
3th Brentford, Bye bye Rovers
4th. Fulham, 5-1-2 =16pts. Do we still 'Adam & Eve'

For me, The alarm bells have been ringing for awhile now. Why shout it out from the watch tower, when the hordes are fast asleep, drunk on gengenpressing laid around the wooden horse,

Our season seems to have curtailed around the end of February !
Since, a tidy home win v Norwich, other than that, 4 wins by a solitary goal,
tarnished by 6 defeats, 4 against struggling opposition.
The season had been terrific, And there was every expectation after 30+ games to assume..nay EXPECT, we'd go on with it & be a real genuine challenge for an auto spot, It was absolutely NOT..over expectation.
For me, In a nutshell, we bombed out.

The last league fixture, never have I known a situation like this, where it would seem management & probably 50% of the fan base care less whether we play with any intent, As is, Are we even going to bother trying, or just go through the motions ! laughable in that 'A defeat will do'
I have never liked this mindset of 'rest', protecting players, rotation for rotation's sake. Other managers have weighed in with their views on the last 10 changes selection at Brum.. I'm in the ... Always play your best 11. keep winning (if possible) & don't change things unless they are broken

But REJOICE !?!?!? Wagner, By losing tomorrow will have played a master stroke, By ensuring we play either Sheff Wed, or Reading..who, as mentioned already ARE THE FORM TEAMS THIS MONTH !

Lets re-cap, Three teams to contest in the play-offs, of the six games played against these sides home & away through the season, Town have:-
Played 6
Lost 5
won 1.
Doubled by Fulham, Doubled by Wednesday, a win apiece against Reading.

Look. Lets beat Cardiff, comprehensively no bug arghing about.
And then play who ever depending on how the other results go.

Cardiff, current form, 12th. played 8, 3-2-3 = 11pts
TOWN 14th, 3-1-4 = 10 pts, Not exactly promotion material.
On a more positive note, Town at home have scored in 91% of home games. Against Cardiff, who have only a 33% away win rate, This SHOULD be a comfortable home win, But as for who plays...hell knows how it will turn out.
Cardiff, last 4 away games, L-D-D-L that's pretty woeful,
They are 'safe', and despite having FOUR ex TOWN men in their ranks,
(Pilkington, Peltier, Morrison, Richards) I'd say they are more focused on the Holiday brochures than playing their socks off for the 'average' 650 taffs who bother to follow them on their travels.
Just to add :- Town are 5th best supported away ! average of 2,400.

Warnock returns, He'll rant & rave, That's his style, There'll be the usual "It's a hard place to come & get a result", But will he too be looking ahead already, and maybe try out a few new moves, or let up & coming youngsters have a run ?

Town, last 4 at home = L-W-W-L, A bit average that for a side with ambition of promotion.
Just to finish,

22,077 !

No, I'm not predicting the attendance... read on.
This average gate at all Towns away fixtures this season !
ranging from 52 thou at St James' park, to just 4 & a half thou at Burton.
Makes a total of 469,381 for all the 23 away games, making an average of
20,408 !

Now, This is where 22,077 comes in, If that is the attendance tomorrow,
it will be EXACTLY the same figure for the 23 home games this season....
469,381. (& a 20,408 average ! A mighty fine turn out throughout should that be the case, & proportional to the local population count, Close on a 1 in 7 support base. ....
If we compare Leeds, with say 750,000 population, an average gate of 25thou ! = 1 in 28 Your not even close guys,

A bit of controversy to finish.... We all have our preferences come the seasons end.
The Shaymen march on... v Salford at the Shay on Sunday, 1-1 after 1st leg. Set 'em alight the blue & white.
Bradford... Hope they join Sheff United & Bolton in 'our' league next season.
I hope Scunthorpe smash 'Miwwaw'.(But what a poor game that 1st leg was
Donny, fingers crossed for them

TOWN 3 - 0 Cardiff.
It's worth a 'quid' Hydy

Set 'em alight, The Blue & white,

posted on 11/5/17

Nide work UTG,
I'm genuinely chuffed for you

I'm also with Walt, Sometimes 'HTFC-inc' p*ss me off to high heaven..
((As in the ques they showed in the Examiner...for tickets, And Just one window open
FFS..They are so slack at times. It's not good enough.

posted on 11/5/17

I was led to believe there were only 1500 priority 1 customers and 500 at least would be available friday morning for season ticket holders!

I had a morning booked off work and was travelling up from notts fri morning to que up with the hope maybe..just maybe i might get on!

What constitutes priority??

I have been actively watching town 40 years and had around 20 season tickets in that time...yet sime bit of a kid who hasnt yet earned their stripes gets to attend??....disgusting!

So many shuda been held back for people who were willing to que for the damn things

posted on 11/5/17

So you can see whats gonna happen next season if we do go up!

Fans who have followed the club all their lives..kept going season after season in the hope that one day we might just get a season in the premier league and get to see our team take on liverpool and man u at anfield and Old trafford and fulfill a lifelong dream!

And its all gonna boil down to how fast your broadband is

There should be veterans membership where people who have followed and supported the club all their lives get some sort of priority!

How many of wednesdays attendees were at port vale when we slipped into the 4th division??

I was

posted on 11/5/17

Anyroad moan over...i have workmates/pals who are Owls and cant even get tickets for their home leg

posted on 11/5/17

Thread up guys.....

posted on 11/5/17

I fully agree Waltz, I think those who have had season cards/tickets, say for 10 years, should be given priority over others. There's a lot of bitterness from some who believe the amount of away games you go to should count but as others point out some only go to away games so why should they get priority? I also think blue and white membership should be limited, I'm sure it was when it first started to ensure members didn't miss out.

It's not an easy situation and have to admit I would be furious if someone who's just started watching a Town got priority over me.

I also don't like some of the comments about how it will all be pensioners at Weds and why should they go when others can't?

Not a good situation.

posted on 11/5/17

Wednesday should have given us 5,000 simple as......

I know all about the agreed 2,000 bull..... but that allocation is rubbish with their stadium size.

posted on 11/5/17

Also there is 39000 seats in hillsborough yet only 33.5 k are going on sale.....its all seater FFS

posted on 11/5/17

Lets take a light hearted view of this home leg 1st chaps.

If we end up taking a bit of a hiding on Sunday...Which is quite possible the way we have been playing this last couple-o-months !
There might be plenty of tickets for sale on e-bay for the following Wednesday night at Hillsborough

posted on 11/5/17

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