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Adrian Lewis - disgrace.

Adrian Lewis totally lost it during todays UK Open qualifier against Jose Antonio Justicia Perales.
Towards the end of their quarter final, Perales hit a 177 to set up a double 12 outshot. Feeling pleased with himself, he seemed to trip over the oche. Lewis, eager to get to his throw seemed to get very close. This led to a bit of a stare off and words exchanged.
While Perales had a giggle, Lewis had a very angry expression. He threw one dart, then stopped to turn and scowl at his opponent.
More verbals, with Lewis telling Perales that he is "piissing him off now" and Perales losing his focus and missing D12 and D6.
More words were thrown out by Lewis, Perales uncomfortably giggling and unable to throw:


Then, after Lewis threw the winning dart, he turned to further berate the Spanish dart chucker. Both pointed at the oche then Lewis shoved his opponent. Security jumped in to separate them and lead Lewis away as a bemused Perales looked shocked.


After tumbling down the rankings last year, this is a big season for Lewis. Outside the top 16 he needs to perform. But surely a ban is on its way?

posted on 2/2/18

Also just read he's been suspended with immediate effect.

posted on 2/2/18

They taking his prize money as well I assume.

posted on 2/2/18

Guess so, plus he'll get a massive fine.

comment by #4zA (U19575)

posted on 3/2/18

not eberybody agrees wuth us guys

Johnny Foreigner tried to wind up Lewis with his 'antics'. He wasn't so brave when Lewis stood up for himself. The people calling for a ban are an example of the current snowflake generation.

posted on 5/2/18

Lewis slating gerwyn price a season or two ago yet price applied himself to darts while Lewis went backwards alarmingly,price increase versus reduced to clear.

posted on 8/2/18

THE Darts Regulation Authority has issued the following statement on Thursday February 8:

On Wednesday February 7, the DRA Disciplinary Committee heard the case of Adrian Lewis concerning the incidents in his match with Jose Perales on Friday February 2 2018.

Mr Lewis has been suspended since the incident.

He admitted breaching the DRA Rules and received a three month suspension from competing which is suspended for six months.

He was also fined £3,000.

Got off lightly imo. Able to play in this weekends qualifiers then.

posted on 8/2/18

ADRIAN LEWIS has issued the following statement on Thursday February 8, further to the incident which occurred in Coral UK Open Qualifier One on Friday February 2.

Adrian Lewis said:
I am now in a position to issue a statement as the due process has taken place and the Darts Regulation Authority have had their hearing.

I deeply regret that my frustrations got the better of me as I felt that my opponent was trying to provoke me.

I realise now that I should have reported any problems to Tournament Officials instead of confronting Jose Antonio Justicia Perales after the match.

I would like to offer my sincere apologies to the PDC, the sponsors of the event Coral, my own sponsors who I thank for their loyalty and support, my manager, darts fans and finally my family.

I would like to say a big thank you for all of the kind messages sent to me from all over the World, and now I just want to put this all behind me and concentrate of playing the game I love and trying to make my way back to the top.

posted on 8/2/18

Might be the kick up the backside he needs to get back to the top. No mention of an mention of an apology to Jose, must have been pretty pi$$ed off.

posted on 8/2/18

Really need them to be drawn against each other this weekend

posted on 8/2/18

wonder if he'd try it again

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