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Nintendo Switch

Hi all,

Not a huge nintendo fan but I do enjoy Zelda and Pokemon,

So is it worth buying a Switch just for Zelda and Pokemon lets go?


posted on 10/12/18

pretty sure it's on the front of the console

posted on 10/12/18

Got the kids one last xmas, they love it, couldnt tell you anymore than that I'm afraid, as apart from retrieving it from down the back of the sofa, I've never touched it.

posted on 10/12/18

got it for my daughter, to me its very similar to the wii u console(which I actually enjoyed with the Mario games), sure more compact and a few extra gadgets to connecting it to the tv but doesn't really have apps(Netflix, amazon prime etc) only really youtube, cant connect to google unless you mess about with the settings, as a gaming console its very underpowered to the other big 2 but the games it has got are pretty fun

posted on 10/12/18

This is the dilema

I want to play Zelda BOTW and Pokemon and thats about it. I don't really like Mario (sorry) its ok, but I'm just not a fan of those types of games.

So i think I'll buy it, play those 2 games and then if I get fed up or bored of it quickly then I'll likely sell it on again.

posted on 10/12/18

might be worth while holing off and buying it after xmas then, prices will go a bit silly now where you'll look at paying close to 300 for one where as jan/feb it be closer to 220/230

posted on 10/12/18

Ronny for me it servers 2 purposes:
1) Nintendo exclusives
2) Indie games - this for me is the perfect indie platform. The one downside to this though is in comparison its expensive. Most the indies are available multi platform and for some reason they cost 10 of pounds on the Switch yet can be found for pence on Steam........

My GF adores it though, and it is great to chuck in the bag - basically you are paying a premium for the form factor.

Also might be worth checking out the reviews for Pokemon Lets Go, again the GF is a huge Pokemon fan but found this one to be pretty "meh", so if you dont want the indies and just want to play Zelda and are on the fence about Pokemon it might be that a Wii U can be had for cheap with Zelda and you dont need to make quite a large outlay for the Switch.

comment by RJC (U17308)

posted on 10/12/18

Bought a Switch off my mate today for £200. He got it as part of his phone contract and didn't want it and seeing as the price of the Switch hasn't dropped from £270/280 in nearly 2 years seemed more than a fair price.

First Nintendo console I've owned and will be part of the kids Christmas presents so now need to source a few cheapish games. Bomberman and Lego Incredibles both under £20, all of the big games are still annoyingly high priced.

posted on 10/12/18

I might be getting one for £180 but it's off Facebook so could be a pile of crud and not work or just not what I think it is so I'll wait and see!

Thanks for the info

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