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Man City v Wolves Match Preview [LIVE]

Date: Monday 14th January
Venue: Etihad Stadium
Kick-off: 20.00

Live @ http://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewLiveArticle/401658
One match ban enabled

On Monday Wolves travel to Manchester to take on Current league champions Manchester City.
The last time the two sides met was at Molineux in august 2018 when Wolves managed to secure a 1-1 draw thanks to the now famous ‘Hand of Boly’ goal. Whilst many City fans may have felt aggrieved at that, the more pragmatic would admit that what goes around, comes around and these things even themselves out over the course of the season. It was in fact, only 8 games later that whilst playing Spurs, Wolves had a perfectly good goal incorrectly ruled offside. Cue Wolves fans feeling aggrieved!

Since that time City have only lost 2 games, both being in December. A 2-0 loss away to Chelsea was followed by 2 wins and the rather bizarre 3-2 loss at home to Crystal Palace. They go into this game on the back of a 2-1 win over league leaders Liverpool.

By contrast Wolves have lost 7 league games since their last meeting with City, 5 of those losses have been to teams below them in the table with only Spurs and Liverpool having managed a win out of the top 6. Ironically, Wolves finished 2018 by beating Spurs in the return fixture and on Monday last, knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup.

Currently 9th in the table, Wolves have 21 points less than 2nd placed City and after a quick glance at the table it’s not hard to see why. City are currently the league’s leading goal scorers with 56 whilst Wolves have managed a paltry 23. Only the bottom 7 teams in the table have scored less goals than Wolves.

Will City take their revenge for points lost in the previous meeting or will Wolves once again raise their game as they always seem to do against the top sides and come away from Manchester with something to show for their efforts?
One thing is for certain, it won’t be dull!

The game will be shown live on Sky Sports

Gem’s prediction: 2-1

posted 4 days, 4 hours ago

little jeff in todays sunday times
main points

fosun paid £45 mill for wolves
believes in the long term we can win the premier league
will not be spending like city
the models to follow are spurs and red bull leipzig
levy is the best ceo in the prem
is an inter milan supporter
fosun will welcome minority investment
wants a 50,000 seat stadium with hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities - and plans ready by the end of the season
in talks now with council over whether molineux can be redeveloped - or wolves will have to move

enough to be going on with

posted 4 days, 3 hours ago

All a bit too exciting ain’t it

posted 4 days ago

Did he mention the match threads ?

posted 3 days, 23 hours ago

Never had much good to say about David de Gea but having watched him single handedly keep Spurs at bay for 50 minutes I have to admit that the boy 'aint bad.

posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

Always thought he was quality, he's also a lot bigger than he appears.

posted 3 days, 14 hours ago


wow !!
just fooking wow !!

and he cost £5 mill !!!

posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

comment by Tamwolf (U17286)
posted 1 day, 14 hours ago
comment by Adam 'The interview' Lallana (U20650)
posted 2 minutes ago
comment by Tamwolf (U17286)
posted 38 minutes ago
I think I managed to see the most incompetent and biased refereeing performance ever today at the Amex Stadium. The penalty decision was about the only thing he got right all game. Constantly giving Liverpool free kicks that weren’t fouls, helping them time waste at the end and every 50/50 decision going Liverpool’s way. It was actually pretty embarrassing by the end.

A decision went Brighton’s way at the end of the game and the whole stadium celebrated it like a goal. Literally raised the roof.

It’s actually made me not want Liverpool to win the league now.
exaggerate much

No. As a neutral I thought it was a terribly refereeing display.
Was listening to the commentary on 5 live of this one, the co-commentator, cant remember who it was, mentioned the Brighton supporters reaction to the refereeing and said it was unfair as the officials had got most things right, yet I had just heard them say about 6 times that Friend had got another one wrong?

Sounded very much like the Premier League were in their ears ordering them to get back on script.

posted 3 days, 9 hours ago

comment by Vicious Sid (U8869)
posted about 4 hours ago

wow !!
just fooking wow !!

and he cost £5 mill !!!

Class act, he or Doherty for player of the season at this stage i think

posted 3 days, 9 hours ago

I'd give Jimenez the payer of the season so far, for what it's worth.

posted 3 days, 9 hours ago

Yeah i can see him being in the conversation, would be third for me i think

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