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Same Old UEFA

...always cheating.

Manchester City were left unhappy at a penalty awarded against them in the comeback win at Schalke in the Champions League.

After Sergio Aguero had given City the lead, Schalke scored two first half penalties to put the home side 2-1 up at the break.

Things then didn't get better for City, as Nicolas Otamendi saw red midway through the second period as it looked like Pep Guardiola's side would be behind going into the second leg.

But dramatic late goals from Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling gave City an unlikely win, and a crucial advantage going into the second leg.

However, City's evening may have been easier without the first half drama which saw a penalty given after a three minute stoppage against Otamendi.

With VAR in use in the Champions League for the first time, referee Carlos del Cerro initially awarded a corner when a shot deflected off Otamendi, but reviewed the decision through the video assistant referee.

After a lengthy stoppage, the decision was given to Schalke and Nabil Bentaleb scored.

But according to UEFA's own guidelines, the penalty shouldn't have been given - as the monitor on the sideline was not working.

UEFA say that subjective decisions like the handball against Otamendi must be made via an on-field review, rather than by the official in the control centre.

With no such review available, del Cerro had to trust the official through his earpiece to make the decision.

After the game, Pep Guardiola said he had no issues with the award of either penalty, or Otamendi's red card, and insisted he was a fan of VAR.

But had Sane and Sterling not scored their late goals, Guardiola may have taken issue with the use of the VAR throughout the game.


posted on 21/2/19

comment by harlequinHebdo (U16981)
posted 7 minutes ago
I thought you were supposed to be a better poster in 2019 ? ......you ain't
They werent stone wall penalties. It took the ref 4 mintues to decide and change his opinion. Even most pundits think the handball wasnt a penalty. never stonewall, so either dont understand the sport or you are wumming. And i called you out for that. So yes, a better poster.

posted on 21/2/19

Both were pens, City got the win they deserved.

Well done the ref and well done City.

posted on 21/2/19

comment by harlequinHebdo (U16981)
posted 1 hour ago
Both stonewall penalties
You’re better than Joe Pasquale. Hilarious.

posted on 21/2/19

Just be grateful you flukily won that match due to dire goalkeeping from shalke. Fair result would have been 2-1

posted on 21/2/19

City were the better team,and I'm glad they won, but naivete and stupidity is no excuse, both were stonewall penalties.

posted on 21/2/19

The Fernandinho one is odd though. Surely the player is interfering with play from an offside position. It was silly from Fernandinho but he wouldn’t have been so desperate to get goal side of him if he had known he was offside.

Both very soft penalties, but their only chances, glad we turned it around.

posted on 21/2/19

Schalke didn't look like scoring unless it was from the spot ,the handball shot would of ended up in Edersons midriff

Jenas who isn't a City fan said the second one was like 15 incidents that happen in every game ,so you have to ask what was going on
I think back to the Sterling non pen v another German team Hoffenhiem and maybe some retribution had been put in the officials mind, used as an excuse to try and put them out in the knockout stage

posted on 21/2/19

Will Shalke get 3 or more penalties in the return leg?

posted on 21/2/19

UEFA and their broken monitors ?
it was okay a minute ago, now its faaked !

posted on 22/2/19

Both penalties for me

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